Basic Job Description

Accountant records all financial transactions arising in the organization, monitors documents, prepares financial statements and project financial statements to ensure compliance with the national legislation and the organization’s regulations.

  • Reported to: Chief Accountant
  • Department: Operation
  • Weekly Hrs: 40 hours
  • Compensation and Benefits: Subject to negotiation

Tasks and responsibilities

1. Updating, checking, and recording arising accounting transactions and data on a daily basis

  • Manage ledgers and other detailed accounting books;
  • Record transactions into the ledger, open sub-books, such as: cash book, receivable and payable book, allocation of prepaid expenses, allocation of salary and administrative expenses of the project grants;
  • Plan the budget with the program department; monitor disbursement progress to report to finance director and the management;
  • Receive, examine and review the legitimacy and rationality of invoices and documents in accordance with the donor’s regulations and Vietnam’s law;
  • Print, check and store transaction and accounting vouchers;
  • Reconcile transaction statements and balances from the bank with the data recorded in the accounting books, compare customers’ statements (including receivables and payables) with the data in the accounting books.

2. Carrying out collection and payment procedures

  • Carry out the transferring, depositing and withdrawing cash procedures at the bank as required by the project;
  • Perform reconciliation, payment and collection of expenditure documents within the framework of the project.

3. Preparing financial statements: balance sheet, cash flow statement, financial statement and project report for sponsors 

  • From the data recorded on the ledger, prepare financial statements for each month, each quarter, and each year, including balance sheet, cash flow statement;
  • Based on the financial requirements of the sponsors, prepare project’s financial reports, sponsor reports;
  • Carry out the allocation of operating costs, personnel costs for each project, for each sponsor.

4. Reporting and Tax Requirements

  • Periodically calculate, prepare tax reports, and pay taxes and fees on time as prescribed by law;
  • Work with tax authorities when required.

5. Support the independent audit unit during the audit

  • Prepare relevant documents and records at the request of the audit unit;
  • Complete forms and confirmation note related to other parties such as banks, suppliers.

6. Perform other tasks

  • Encourage and guide employees and departments in the organization to participate in the implementation of project activities in accordance with procedures for payment, advance, etc;
  • Explain data at the request of Finance Director, the management, audit agency, tax authority, etc.


  • Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting.

Work experience

  • 2 years of experience or more, experience in project accounting, accounting for non-profit organizations.


  • Good in English;
  • Proficient in using office computers, excel, proficient in using accounting software;
  • Analytical, thinking, strategic skills;
  • Communication skills in writing and speaking;
  • Problem-solving skills;
  • Team-work skills;
  • Independence.

Attitude & Qualities: 

  • Integrity, honesty, good health, agility and high responsibility in work;
  • Good analytical and synthesis thinking skill;
  • Detail-oriented, quick with numbers;
  • Willing to travel on business trip (when required).


  • All compensations and benefits regulated by Vietnam’s laws;
  • Frequent opportunities for training, seminars, and workshops to increase your capacity; 
  • Opportunities to  expand your social and professional networks and life experiences; 
  • Improve skills and experiences in the non-profit sector;
  • Hands-on and immersive experiences to develop and implement work for good causes;
  • Good springboard to apply for scholarships to study abroad; 
  • Retreats and fun celebrations with the team.    

Interested candidates are invited to send their application (including a Letter of Motivation and a CV with desired salary) to Human Resource Division via the email address

Email subject: [CHANGE] Position_Full name.