A restaurant in Saudi Arabia is implementing customer penalty fee if they don't finish their meals. Fines are more or less dependent on the number of leftover dishes on the table.

In order to restrict food waste that is increasingly popular locally, Marmar restaurant in Dammam city, in a province of eastern Saudi Arabia, will charge an additional charge on the customer's cash bill, if the guest leaves leftover on the table after the meal.

Mr. Fahad Al Anezi, the restaurant owner said "There are many customers who order a variety of food to impress the people around and amplify the reputation of themselves." The work of the restaurant aims to help customers to choose suitable food with their stomach.

According to Mr. Al Anezi, the idea was warmly welcomed by the local.

This is not the first restaurant to give a fine form of customers if they don't eat all the food they have ordered. A restaurant in Hong Kong charged a fine on the volume of leftovers, while the Wafu restaurant in Austria added 30% of the charge on the money bill of customers who did not eat their food and the chef also suggested that the guest should not come back the restaurant.

Accroding to To Nguyen/ Dan Viet

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