At CHANGE, we do not hesitate to be different, but always open our arms to accept the diversity of everyone. Thanks to that, the atmosphere at CHANGE is always bustling and joyful, filled with “cultural exchanges” between regions, from which creative ideas are always explored.

This story was brought by CHANGE from the dreamland of Hue, where there is a Project Officer who is supporting CHANGE in activities within the framework of wildlife projects. Hieu is one of the members who, although a bit “out of sight”, is not “out of mind” at all.

What brought Hieu to CHANGE?

I found out about CHANGE through a friend, and was immediately impressed with the projects that CHANGE was working on. Therefore, even though I live in a far land of Hue, I was still determined to apply for CHANGE and fortunately I was chosen to accompany CHANGE.

What is Hieu’s impression of CHANGE?

I chose CHANGE because I believe that “Doing what you like is freedom, liking what you do is happiness”. Although I have not had the opportunity to meet teammates in person, I always feel fortunate to be able to work in an environment that matches my interests and desires. I am also extremely impressed with the youth, fun and openness of the CHANGERs.

What is Hieu’s wish for CHANGE on the occasion of our 9th birthday?

I hope that the CHANGE team will be blessed with readiness, bravery and strength to tackle any challenges on the path we are walking.

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