The “Nail Biters” campaign has been doing very well in the past weeks, receiving constant support from not only numerous celebrated artists and businesses, but also youths from various universities in Ho Chi Minh City. Success of any of our campaigns and projects rely a whole lot on the participation of young people, thus “Nail Biters” is no different.


Indeed, for weeks, we have had our adorable rhino coming to different universities in Ho Chi Minh City, such as FPT University, Hoa Sen University, Ton Duc Thang University and University of Science. Our rhino, tired as him/her may have been, came to all these universities spreading the message “Rhino horn is composed of main keratin, similar to fingernails”, letting youngsters be aware of the horrific illegal wildlife trade, and inspiring them to speak up for the innocent rhinos, who are facing extinction due to human’s greed and ignorance.

All of the hard work paid off as the students became very determined and energetic after hearing the ugly truth of rhino horn poaching. They participated in activities such as clipping fingernails and taking photos with our rhino while holding the hashtag boards (#‎canmongtay‬ ‪#‎sungtegiongmongtay‬ ‪#‎nailbiters‬ #nailbiting #rhinohornsimilartofingernails)





We are overwhelmed with the support the students as well as each university has given us. Thank you and WildAid Vietnam hopes all Vietnamese students will continue fighting for our rhinos!

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