“I’m not afraid of growing old, but I’m afraid that my enthusiasm will gradually cool down” – that’s what Han always tells to herself when working at CHANGE. For any non-profit organization, being able to raise funds and mobilize such resources is always a difficult problem. And for an inexperienced person like Han, the story of “bringing funds to CHANGE” is not simple…

CHANGE to Han is…?

I came to CHANGE with no experience in Fundraising or working in non-profit organizations. However, when I came here, I have learned a lot from the seniors. The working environment at CHANGE is also very friendly, open and “honest”. Everyone is free to express their viewpoints and give constructive suggestions to each other so that everything is done in the best way.

As a person who often has to go to “communicate” with partners, do you have any memorable memories during your time at CHANGE?

Of course there are many memories while working at CHANGE. I still remember the first time I went to work and met potential partners at the Dutch Consulate General with my boss. The bosses let me freely explore, and talk to people there to get acquainted, learn and look for opportunities. Indeed, I felt that was a great opportunity for me to really understand the work I was doing and also many of my weaknesses. For example, I’m still not confident enough to start a conversation with other people. I’m still “young and immature” so sometimes I feel a bit lost when I have the opportunity to talk to many seniors… Really ! But at such times, I also learned a lesson for myself that I need to hone my skills to become more confident.

Another memorable memory is about the last 2 campaigns of “adopting” stuffed pangolins, rhinos and elephants. I always say that those three are my “children”, even though I’m not the one who created them. The past two “adopting” campaigns have been filled with mixed emotions. I was happy because my fundraising project harvested good results. I was also tired – saying I’m not tired is a blatant lie. I almost had to put a hold on every other thing to devote all my energy to these two campaigns so that the “children” could find and be delivered to their new homes as quickly as possible. I also shed tears – I will keep the reason why to myself… Finally, as the children could be delivered to their loving homes, I’m very happy. Thank you for my own efforts, thank you to everyone at CHANGE for supporting me a lot.

What message does Han want to send to CHANGE?

I wish CHANGE to grow more and more and have a lot of funds, as well as the projects that CHANGE does will create big, strong impacts, inspiring everyone to all join hands for a greener, cleaner, and more sustainable environment. I wish CHANGERs good health, always optimistic, and mirthful. Although sometimes we can be a little tired because of deadlines and projects, I hope that we can always keep enthusiasm and good health to continue on this meaningful journey.

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