In response to the COP26 Climate Change Summit taking place in Glasgow, Scotland, with the participation of representatives of nearly 200 countries including Vietnam, CHANGE decided to bring a playground of climate knowledge. The sequel is called COP Game.

Inspired by the movie Squid game – The famous squid game of Korean cinema that has created a fever around the world recently, CHANGE created COP Game: Escape from climate change) with the desire to spread useful information and knowledge in a vivid and understandable way to everyone.

COP Game is a playground for everyone, measuring your understanding of issues related to the environment, climate and understanding the meaning of the COP26 event taking place in Glasgow, Scotland. This is an online (online) competition activity with many attractive prizes for the winners. Through the COP Game, participants will also be updated with new knowledge, have more opportunities to connect and interact safely during the epidemic season. 

COP Game KVs

Not only disseminating interesting knowledge about climate change, a special feature of COP Game: Escape from climate change is that participants will not be informed about the prize until officially participating in the game. The rewards are extremely attractive, diverse and rare green living gifts, with a total gift value of up to 1,800,000 VND/person.

In November 2021, CHANGE held 2 rounds of COP Game, taking place on the evening of November 10, 2021 and the evening of November 24, 2021 respectively. With an attractive prize size and a thrilling and equally exciting gameplay, COP Game has attracted nearly 300 players to interact and compete with each other in their understanding of the Earth and climate change. Many valuable green living rewards have been given to the best individual rights at this playground. 

COP Game has attracted nearly 300 players to interact and compete

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