In response to COP26 – The 26th United Nations Summit on Climate Change is taking place in Glasgow (United Kingdom), CHANGE launches the 2021 Climate Innovation Child Talent competition with the theme “This Earth is ours” in order to allow today’s generation of children to present their creative ideas, express their views and perspectives on climate issues for the sake of their own healthy living environment in the future, thereby inspiring concrete actions in the present. 

Climate change – a matter of survival, a matter of no one’s own

“If we fail to keep the glimmer of hope at COP in the next two weeks, humanity will face real problems. If COP26 fails, civilization will collapse like the Roman Empire. ” – British Prime Minister Boris Johnson emphasized at COP26.

It can be seen that climate and environmental pollution has become a serious problem, spreading from indoors to out on a global scale. Worldwide, Vietnam is the sixth country most heavily affected by climate change. Climate impacts affect more than 74% of the population of Vietnam, especially the poor groups who lack resilience to significant damage after natural disasters. At the same time, urbanization has increased the gaps of migrant families with limited access to social services.

The Covid-19 pandemic shows that global problems can be solved, not just by a single country. Climate change is also a problem that requires the cooperation and consensus of all nations for a healthy mother Earth. Is the spirit in the song “This Earth is ours” that we have memorized since childhood?

Children – preschool hope of positive change

Perhaps, over a long period, the way we communicate about climate change has become irrelevant. We expect change by the majority of people out there, by large organizations, by all levels of government, but forgetting that improving the climate and living environment can simply come from the actions of each individual. Each of us can be cells of change. 

In the future, today’s young generation will be the group that is highly affected by natural disasters and climate change. Still, at the same time, they are also the seeds of hope, full of light, creativity, thinking, enthusiasm, accompanied by a kind heart and a sense of responsibility to be able to create a better world, a cleaner atmosphere, a greener mother Earth for themselves.

“The Earth can’t wait!”

Today, we believe that children have the right to share their creative ideas for improving the Earth’s climate, voice their own opinions, and promote the concerns and actions of others. Together, we are in the present moment, bringing a greener and more sustainable future. 

Creative Talent for Climate Competition 2021


The Youth Climate Innovation Talent Contest 2021 with the theme “This Earth is ours,” is a playground launched by the CHANGE Center for Action and Cooperation for Environment and Development, in conjunction with the CHANGE System with eco-creative education Embassy Education, ACT Academy, Dentsu Redder company, Biti’s company, VVC National Volunteer Center, Resource and Environment Communication Center (under the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment), lasting from 11/11 to 5/12/2021 nationwide in response to the COP26 Conference, allowing today’s children the opportunity to present their creative ideas, express their views and perspectives, children about climate issues for their healthy living environment in the future, thereby inspiring concrete actions in the present. The contest has a total prize value of more than 100 million VND and is accompanied, evaluated, and appraised by a prestigious and professional Jury Council. 

Together sowing the seeds of love for the planet themselves to give hope for a healthier future is the approach of this contest.

Contest details

To call today’s generation of children to pay more attention to their living environment in the future, to encourage their creativity for the very problems that society has, is, and will face, as well as inspire action for the present generation for the future of the young age, CHANGE Center for Action and Partnership for Environment and Development, in cooperation with EMBASSY EDUCATION Creative Education Ecosystem, ACT Academy, Dentsu Redder Company, Biti’s Company, VVC National Volunteer Center, Environment and Resource Communication Center (under the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment). Environment) launched a creative playground named “Creative Young Talents Competition for Climate” with the theme “This Earth is ours.” 


Please present a creative and feasible idea that you want to implement to help improve the climate of Vietnam, clearly demonstrating the spirit of cherishing “This Earth is ours.” Entries can be presented in various creative forms such as songs, paintings, poems, video clips, presentations, short films, scientific experiments, etc.

2. Participants:

Children from 4 to 17 years old nationwide (with consent, permission from parents or guardians)

3. Time


It lasts from 11/11 to 5/12/2021, in which the structure includes:

  • Time to receive entries: 11/11 – 24/11/2021
  • Time for the jury to mark the entries and announce the top 5 finalists: November 25 – November 30, 2021
  • Time for Top 5 to present (online) to the jury and award the final prize: expected 09:00 – 12:00 December 5, 2021

4. How to participate from 11/11 to 24/11/2021:

5. Judging Criteria:

  • Creative content ideas (40%)
  • Creativity in idea presentation (40%)
  • Persuasiveness and feasibility of the idea (20%)

Members of the Jury


The contest is judged by a prestigious jury panel, who are leading names in many fields from the environment, education, business, marketing, art such as:

  • Environmental activist Hoang Thi Minh Hong, Founder of CHANGE (Jury Chair)
  • Educator / International Artist Thanh Bui, President of Embassy Education
  • Educator/Marketer Hung Vo, APAC Top 50 CMOs 2021; Founding Board Member, Embassy Education
  • Ms. Do Thi Kim Hoa, Director of VVC. National Volunteer Center
  • Mr. Vu Minh Ly, Deputy Director of the Center for Communication of Natural Resources and Environment, Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment
  • Educator/Director Kathy Uyen, Co-Founder & CEO, A.C.T Academy

Final Awards


  • 01 First Prize: 10 million VND + 100% scholarship for Connected Creativity program at Embassy Education (worth 8 million VND) + 01 pair of Biti’s Hunter green version
  • 01 Second Prize: 6 million VND + 75% scholarship for Connected Creativity program at Embassy Education (worth 6 million VND) + 01 pair of Biti’s Hunter green version.
  • 01 Third Prize: VND 4 million + 50% Scholarship for Connected Creativity at Embassy Education (worth VND 4 million) + 01 pair of Biti’s Hunter green version
  • 02 Consolation Prizes: Each prize will receive a scholarship of 50% of the Connected Creativity program at Embassy Education (worth 4 million VND) + 01 pair of Biti’s Hunter green version
  • 02 Best Performer Award from A.C.T Academy: 15 million VND/award, awarding 1 acting course for Best Child Actor and 1 Public Speaking course for Outstanding Child Leader.
  • 01 Biti’s Green Award: 10 million VND/prize + 01 year of using Biti’s products (equivalent to 3 pairs of shoes), awarded to 01 Initiative to help prolong the helpful life of footwear products to reduce waste in the environment.


  • The top 5 brightest candidates selected to enter the final round will receive a training session on presentation and performance skills in front of the camera along with Educator/Director Kathy Uyen and lecturers at ACT Academy, priced 20 million VND.
  • Top 10 best ideas, each idea will receive a reward of a pair of Biti’s Hunter Blue Edition shoes, made entirely of recycled materials.

Some notice information:

  1. The participating individuals must own all works and ideas participating in the contest. All submissions with copyright disputes will not be evaluated by the Organizing Committee. Contest entrants are solely responsible for and have the obligation to resolve all disputes, claims, claims, claims related to the use of the entry idea (if any).
  2. The organizers and accompanying partners will have the right to use the ideas and works of the contest in the communication & promotion of the program within 03 years from the end of the contest.
  3. In case there is a change in the program rules as well as the time of the organization, the organizers will publicly announce it on the official Fanpage.
  4. All decisions from BTC are final, participants have no right to complain or petition in any form.
  5. Any questions about the contest, you can inbox directly to fanpage CHANGE & Embassy Education for the earliest answers.


Through this contest, we want to send the message of humanity that future change needs the smallest cells and seeds – that is, the children who are sown with compassion, love and compassion, love, responsibility, be inspired and maximize their own creative potential.

Let’s look forward to the surprises, the “WOW!” Let’s grow up from the ideas of the children in the Climate Creative Child Talent Contest 2021.

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