2010 - 2019 is the hottest century in human history (*), natural disasters are expected to increase in quantities and the levels of damage. Emissions of greenhouse gases – the main cause of climate change and global warming that reached a record level. On the other hand, countries with low-lying coastal areas like Vietnam are the most affected by the effects of climate change, such as rise in sea levels, saltwater intrusion, landslides, storms and floods.

(*) According Climate Central’s report

Top 9 most vulnerable countries

to climate change. Has the presence of Vietnam. (IPCC, 2018)

300 millions
of people

May lose their home due to rising sea levels in 2050.
(Climate Central, 2019)

16 types of extreme disaster

happened in Vietnam in only 2020. With 13 storms on the East sea, cyclones, heavy rains in 49 provinces; 120 flash floods, landslides and drought, extreme saltwater intrusion in the Mekong Delta. (*)

(*) According to the Central Committee for Flood and Storm Control

Our outstanding projects

Series of training programs for young individuals

Started in 2013, CHANGE has organized a series of annual training events with the participation of young, passionate environmentalists. They had the chances to learn about climate change and renewable energy, obtain essential skills needed to develop and organize effective environmental projects and received professional support to carry out projects that aim to resolve environmental issues in local regions. 

As of 2020, there has been more than 400 climate leaders from the training programs, including: “I am a climate citizen” (2013), Southeast Asia Climate Leadership Camp 2015, Vietnam Climate Leadership Camp (2017-2018),  Climate Leadership Initiative and “Youth Co-creation and Action for Climate” consultation workshop (in cooperation with SIHUB and UNICEF, 2019 - 2020) and Youth Action for Climate Forum (with UNDP, 2020).

Calling for Divestment

CHANGE had shown support for the Global Divestment Mobilisation campaign with a series of activities calling for divestment from fossil fuel in Vietnam: Campaigns calling upon banks to stop investing in fossil fuel; Training, journalism competition and meeting with press units to mobilize divestment and investment in renewable energy; Street art about climate change and “2030 City” to promote renewable energy for Ho Chi Minh City. 

In recent years, with the support of our networks and international press, more international banks, development banks have decided to invest in renewable energy projects in Vietnam.

Green Energy for Community

A project that helps install solar energy lights at community areas in provinces lacking electricity or were affected by flood, to provide support for their daily activities or for recovery after natural disasters.

Our achievements

400+ climate leaders

Were trained and supported to carry out projects at local regions.

60 solar powered light bulbs

Were installed at Ham Thach and Ham Minh, Binh Thuan, improving the lives for more than 20.000 local people.

10.000+ volunteers

had organized more than 20+ community projects at 15 provinces, in support of global campaigns.


With the determination to get Vietnam out of the top most polluted cities/countries rankings and support frontline communities becoming more resilient to climate change impacts, we need your support today.

Join us now!

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