As a member of the “Homie” team, as the name suggests, if anyone feels lonely, cold, or lost in CHANGE, you can find CoVy (this Vy won’t make you undergo quarantine, don’t worry) . Vy is currently in charge of human resources, and is always responsible for “taking care” of health and listening to all the thoughts and feelings of CHANGErs in every project season.

Are CHANGE and Vy a predestined fate? 

That’s right, I’m very interested in the environment in the first place because the environment directly affects human health and life, so I immediately jumped at CHANGE when I saw the job advertisement.

Is being a human resources officer at CHANGE very “tough” to Vy?

Actually, each job and each office has its own hardships. CHANGE is exactly what I expected: the environment full of young, dynamic and happy people, so I’m not shocked. The job of an HR person like me is to always listen, always understand your thoughts and feelings to ensure the best working conditions for you. What I really like about CHANGE is that everyone treats each other like family, takes care and jokes with each other very naturally, happily as if there is no distance or hierarchy at all. Although I don’t sit with the teammates and have lunch together a lot, I do listen to the team’s super funny conversations, so I really like it.

CHANGE’s birthday is coming, do you have any wishes for everyone on this special occasion?

Wish CHANGE and CHANGERs good health to overcome the Covid pandemic. Hope we can be together to carry out many more monumental and meaningful projects.

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