After a temporary pause due to the epidemic, in October 2021, CHANGE and the Green Neighborhood project officially returned to the people of Da Kao Ward, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City, with many exciting activities welcoming the new normal life.

Building works on landscapes and environmentally friendly living models

Wall painting activities: Where the messages of a green lifestyle for a sustainable future will be expressed with vivid and colorful images of street painting art.

Activities to enhance green areas: The neighborhood is embellished with the coolness of the trees, giving people a fresher living space in the busy urban area.

Build a garbage sorting pilot station: A small action of each individual can turn garbage into a valuable recycling resource that brings value ​​to the community.

Practice organic waste treatment: Kitchen and household waste will become a source of organic nutrients to grow new green sprouts.

Other activities to help raise awareness and knowledge of environmental protection

Environmental Awareness Training: Residents are provided with environmental knowledge through informative and enjoyable community interactions and sessions.

Climate action emulation: Residents in Da Kao ward will have the opportunity to participate in competitions to unleash their creativity with solutions to green living and protecting the environment in their way, and receive attractive gifts

Mini exhibition: Where residents can stop by to admire and support recycled products, unique works on environmental themes, promises to be an exciting weekend destination.

Infographic: Interesting knowledge about the environment will no longer be dry when presented intuitively and concisely in the form of an infographic.

CHANGE and the Green Neighborhood project hope to bring a new green – clean – beautiful living space to the people of Da Kao ward, and at the same time, inspire other communities to build and spread the model together.

Information about the project:

“Green Neighborhood” is a project organized by CHANGE and Da Kao Ward to build a pilot model of a green and environmentally friendly residential area in the locality. The project is honored to receive the companionship of the Embassy of Switzerland and the Canadian Foundation for Local Initiatives in Vietnam. This is a project in the series of activities iChange Climate – CHANGE’s multi-year program to join hands with the community to reduce the harmful effects of climate change.

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