The training program named ‘I’m A Climate Citizen’ is a program associated with the Viet Nam Power Shift campaign. This program trains young leaders throughout the nation about climate changes – the first program of its kind. The program is designed to ‘push’ and direct these volunteers to sustain and improve their environment in the local area.

i am climate

This program concentrates on establishing and developing necessary skills required, sharing, experience and personal stories, analyzing strengths and chances, discussing practical solutions for environmental issues (locally), plans to create a team of volunteers at each province, and from then on, help other young people to have basic knowledge to deploy other environmental projects in the near future-  simultaneously extending the Power Shift Project to Stage 3 of the campaign- going to other provinces and cities.

i am climate 2

The training sessions has attracted various prestige speakers from other organisations in different fields with the goal to create diversed drills throughout practice sessions, varying from: project management, building a community, creativity, media, etc. etc.

  • Hoàng Thị Minh Hồng – CHANGE / ;

  • Đặng Diễm Quỳnh –Thanh thiếu niên Department (VTV6) ;

  • Phùng Thị Vân Anh – CECEM ;

  • Huỳnh Minh Thảo and Ms. Vũ Kiều Châu Loan –ICS center ;

  • Trần Minh Đức – Flyingbay creativity center.

i am climate 3

The Power Shift campaign is honored to be able to co-operate with other  forms of medias, including: Tuoi Tre Newspaper, VTV6, VTV and VOH; alongside with other social organizations: ICS center, CECEM, other enterprises which cares about the project – Enrollment Center and ERC International, Kinh Do Group, Password Co.

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