“Green Neighborhood” is a campaign cooperating with the Swiss Embassy in Vietnam that aims to improve the living environment of residential areas in Ho Chi Minh City and raise awareness about climate change. This campaign is within the scope of iChange Climate’s series of activities, CHANGE’s long-term program to join hands with the community to reduce the harmful effects of climate change. 

Climate change has directly impacted us as Vietnam ranks 6th among the most severely affected by climate change in the world. Therefore, the “Green Neighborhood” project wishes to help residential areas have greener community spaces for living, studying, and practicing a more sustainable lifestyle and increase people’s awareness about environmental issues and climate change.

Besides planting more trees and installing garbage treatment stations, “Green Neighborhood” also offers many other interesting activities to the neighborhood residents, such as graffiti, climate change workshops, environmental exhibitions, etc. 

The location selected for the pilot project “Green Neighborhood” is the neighborhoods of Da Kao ward, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City. With this activity, CHANGE hopes that the “Green Neighborhood” model can be replicated and extended to more neighborhoods, inspiring and empowering the residents to protect and improve their living environment.

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