From 15-17/05/2019, in Munich, Germany, IREX energy joint stock company (A member of SolarBK Holdings) marks the fifth attendance in the leading global exhibition Intersolar at booth C1.356. The event gathers thousands of renewable energy enterprises and more than 5000 consumers.

Following up with the goal of reaching out to the global market so as to “globalize the domestic”, IREX plans to attend many solar power exhibition events from major markets. Besides InterSolar 2019, SolarBK also attends SNEC PV Power International Exhibition in Shanghai, China (June), Renewable energy International Exhibition in India (September), SPI International Exhibition (September) in South America and most recently The Solar Show Vietnam (April).

Besides commercial activities, SolarBK attendance at big events not only affirms the Vietnamese brand value in the worldwide market but also strengthens the trust from customers of the “ Made in Vietnam”  renewable energy solution.

To export to EU market ( a “picky” market with many strict requirements), IREX has to achieve the standards certified by international credit organizations such as UL, TUV, most importantly the IEC 61215 (design and achieve the required category standard) and IEC 61730 (safety standard for IREX panel). Additionally, some markets require IEC 62716 (ammoniac corrosion certification), IEC 61701 (hoarfrost corrosion certification) as well.

Along with the quality certifications,  IREX also achieves the ISO 14001:2015 for Environmental management system for solar panel industrial activity and solar water heating system. ISO 14001: 2015 forms a strict standard to ensure that the companies will do what is claimed in term of assisting the environmental problems such as reducing negative impact to the environment and providing evidence of continuous improvement in environmental management.

Complying with these international standards indicates that IREX and SolarBK aspire to build the “green” world. While globally popularizing renewable energy, the company also pays special attention to protecting the environment in industrial activities.

In fact, to achieve those certifications, it takes IREX 6 months from sending samples to the certification issuer’s lab and complete all the paperwork. This requires both money and time investment, so this is only effective when the company establishes the long-term market development plan.

Meanwhile, solar power has only become popular in Vietnam since recent years, especially since the Government completed the policy of encouraging solar energy development. Up to now, most of the Vietnamese firms only focus on developing the domestic market and have not considered any global plan, which explains why IREX is the only representative attending global exhibitions such as InterSolar.

Thus far, many Vietnamese households still believe that Vietnam has no domestic firm that can produce international standard solar panels. It is easy to understand because Vietnam solar market runs behind China and Europe’s ones for 10-50 years. Therefore, showing the world the Vietnamese brand (IREX) is always SolarBK’s priority. Without great determination, there comes a higher chance that Vietnamese companies will struggle to compete in their own home, especially in the context of “flat” market now.

To prepare for this, IREX has built a special competitive strategy. Not only has the high capacity panels aligned with the world standard, but IREX also creates non-standard panels which are adjustable to the customers’ demands. Besides, SolarBK also imports Double Glass Machine system to create a 2-side mirror based upon customers’ requests, which is one of the most modern production lines in the world.

In Vietnam, IREX is an important string of SolarBK’s value chain. SolarBK is the first enterprise in Vietnam that owns the complete value chain from manufacturing, technology, technical design, financing to construction, operation and maintenance. The company has an advantage in optimizing expenses and providing customers the best renewable energy solution. For example, BigK solar power solution – SolarBK’s core product – designed for households to big companies, is leading in the domestic market by the number of customers registered to install at this moment in which IREX panels play an important part in BigK solar power solution.

Thanks to IREX panel with the world-class manufacturing process, BigK has successfully proved the ability to provide consistent quality to BIDV Insurance Company (BIC), which facilitates the agreement for BigK output guarantee.

Thanks to this agreement, IREX – SolarBK helps to reform the standards within the Vietnam solar power market according to certification, commitments, and a prestigious third party. This is considered as IREX experience after many years working with international partners and now applying it back to Vietnam market.

The succeed of IREX creates a firm base to achieve the product credibility in the domestic market, especially when solar power in Vietnam is becoming more attractive owing to the benefit of selling surplus electricity and the impact of increasing utility cost.

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