The excessive exploitation, consumption, and use of resources today are causing negative impacts on the environment, especially issues related to climate change. To raise awareness and awaken the community about this issue, CHANGE propagates about Earth Overshoot Day. Through this, CHANGE also wants to spread the message of environmental protection to Vietnamese people at the time of the epidemic, which is to fight the epidemic but does not leave environmental problems behind.

Each year, the Earth can only produce a finite amount of natural resources. Earth Overshoot Day is a day that marks the time when we used resources beyond what the Earth could regenerate in that year. According to the calculation of the Global Footprint Data Network, the Earth Overload day in 2021 will fall on July 29. This means: after this date, we are borrowing the resources of future generations.

With the desire to bring Earth Overload Day to more people, in this project, CHANGE introduces to the community the Vietnamese website Here, the website will provide everyone with complete information about “Earth Overload Day”, better know about the earth’s resources, and contributed to us over hundreds of millions of years. Besides, solutions that each individual can do to help delay the overload, such as eating healthier, consuming more sustainably, and saving energy.. are also provided. The community can also register to participate in the 30-day practice – action to reduce overcrowding right at the website by selecting specific goals and actions.

CHANGE’s social media activities on “Earth Overshoot Day” 2021 are carried out this time with the desire to raise awareness and warn people about the finiteness of the Earth. At the same time, CHANGE hopes that people will change their consumption habits and join hands to protect a healthy Earth, contributing to bringing the date of the crossing of 2022 further back.

CHANGE is pleased to thank Galaxy ME for sponsoring and Dentsu Redder for accompanying the project.


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