Every day doing word-related work and telling stories for CHANGE, but on special occasions like this 9-year-old “baby” birthday, Linh – a friend who “sells words” at CHANGE, doesn’t know where to start to tell the story of her “predestined relationship” with CHANGE.

Linh’s impression of CHANGE?

Actually, before I entered CHANGE, I didn’t imagine much. Because I myself always keep the spirit of “expecting the unexpected”, so I am not too much “disillusioned”. But after working here for a while, I feel CHANGE is something that exceeds my expectation. Everyone here is like a family, always caring about each other’s feelings and thoughts and helping each other in need. At CHANGE everyone can be themselves without any fear. That’s also what I like most about CHANGE.

Writing is a creative job, so do you ever feel bored with doing a lot at CHANGE?

Boredom is quite severe, but sometimes I do run out of ideas. At times like these, I often go around to see what people are doing, talk to people more to get “inspiration” to do what I’m doing. At CHANGE, I and other friends are inspired a lot. I still remember in a training session, Ms. Hong talked about the beliefs of dreamers. I’m a dreamer myself, so that session really inspired me, I can’t put into words what the inspiration was, but I felt love and belief in well-meaning and hopeful prospects that CHANGE is trying to aim for.

At CHANGE, what did Linh learn?

The difficult thing for me when working at CHANGE is when I don’t dare to go out of my comfort zone. There are times when people here talk about getting out of your comfort zone and setting themselves up for challenges. And the hardship to me is to complete the challenges to conquer and understand myself. And it is also an opportunity for me to discover my limits and become stronger. Thank you CHANGE for your valuable experiences and lessons.

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