After starting the community campaign that calls to delay the Earth Overshoot Day on social platforms, CHANGE has received many responses from the community, especially celebrities, TikTokers, Bloggers, YouTubers, and diplomatic and business leaders in Vietnam.

This year’s Earth Overshoot Day event takes place on July 29, marking when humanity has exhausted all natural resources that the Earth can create in the year. To raise public awareness about the overexploitation and consumption of resources leading to climate change problems and spread the anti-epidemic message without leaving the environment behind, CHANGE launched a campaign about Earth Overshoot Day on social media platforms. Besides, CHANGE also introduced the website, where people can learn more about Earth Overshoot Day and find solutions to help reduce pressure for the Earth.

A series of artists and celebrities, TikTokers, Bloggers, YouTubers, and diplomatic and business leaders simultaneously responded to Earth Overshoot Day 2021, joining hands with CHANGE to call on the community to help and commit action.  Singers Dong Nhi and Ong Cao Thang, Miss Universe H’Hen Niê, singer-actor Jun Pham, actor Duy Khanh, choreographer Quang Dang, model Quang Dai, rapper HIEUTHHUHAI, actor Huynh Lap, photographer – travel blogger Vinh Gau, and hot TikTokers, Youtubers like DelaChris, Khiemslays, Hukha.foodaholic have joined together to spread the message of Earth Overshoot Day to more people.

With a distinct personal style, each famous artist and influencer has had very different ways of expressing and calling, causing curiosity and excitement for the audience and helping CHANGE present campaign information to the community in a highly close and easy-to-understand way.

Miss Universe Vietnam 2017 H’Hen Niê had a very profound share about Earth Overshoot Day in the video clip opening the gift box from CHANGE and discovering the message: “We’re out of breath, we have can rest. But when the Earth is exhausted, the Earth will not apply for leave. Therefore, Hen would like to invite everyone to join with Hen not to leave environmental problems behind because we need the environment to live. Every small change you make will help relieve the pressures of the Earth.”

Miss Universe Vietnam H’Hen Nie supports the Earth Overshoot Day 2021 campaign

Singers Dong Nhi and Ong Cao Thang called on everyone to respond to Earth Overload Day, by offering many solutions that Dong Nhi herself applied at the time of the epidemic on social media. In a Facebook post, Dong Nhi expressed: “Nhi knows that many people are still struggling out there during this difficult time, so the topic of environment will not be a priority right now. But we currently only have one Earth to rely on, so go green while you can, without leaving environmental problems behind. On this very day (July 29) we have exhausted all of this Earth’s resources to provide in 2021. This means that: at the end of today, we will borrow the world’s resources. future system. Therefore, Nhi hopes that everyone should live green when possible.”

Singers Dong Nhi and Ong Cao Thang joined hands to postpone the Earth Overshoot Day

Through status lines on Facebook, model Quang Dai shared his concerns on the occasion of Earth Overshoot Day: “Nature always gives us a lot of favors. But it seems that we are consuming resources, exploiting services beyond the real need. Every day, hundreds of millions of tons of natural resources are exploited to serve human life. Hundreds of tons of waste enter the environment every year, and countless other human activities are gradually overloading the Earth.”

Model Quang Dai supported the environmental message of the campaign

Travel blogger Vinh Gau – who is known for many videos and articles sharing travel experiences around Vietnam and worldwide, has made a video posted on TikTok to help the community better understand this day. He also sent a message to the community through a video: “If you also love trips like me, love the fresh air, love wild animals, please take action to postpone the overloaded day for this Earth. Let’s act together for a beautiful Vietnam, a beautiful Earth.”

Travel Blogger Vinh Gau supports the Earth Overshoot Day 2021 campaign

Dancer-choreographer Quang Dang, who always accompanies CHANGE in environmental and wildlife projects, also recently responded to Earth Overshoot Day with a new and unique expression with a set of photos in the spirit of 5K anti-epidemic.

Quang Dang responded to Earth Overshoot Day

Accompanying CHANGE in this campaign also has the presence of actor Huynh Lap. He has his way of expressing himself to convey the message of Overloaded Earth Day to the community humorously and gently, with a series of “guess the day”.

Huynh Lap joined hands to convey the message of Earth Overshoot Day

Although the epidemic situation is still difficult and inconvenient, actor-singer Jun Pham also did not forget to send fans the message about Earth Overload Day and join in the action to help reduce the burden of the Earth: “July 29 this year is Earth Overload Day, the day when our Earth is exhausted by humans in 2021. This year’s milestone is three weeks earlier than 2020 and brings us back to 2019’s milestone – the earliest point in global history. So the Earth is short of breath because we are using resources beyond what is needed. And Jun also discovered that it was Jun and the Carrots who could be the solution to this problem.”

Jun Pham joined hands to convey message of Earth Overshoot Day

On the occasion of Earth Overload Day, actor Duy Khanh also joined in response and called on the community to participate in helping the Earth delay the overloaded day on social media: “Today is Earth Overshoot Day. This is the day that humanity has exhausted all these resources in 2021. It means that, after this date, we are borrowing the resources of future generations.”

Duy Khanh called community to protect the Earth, postpone the overshoot day

Recently, rapper HIEUTHHUHAI also shared on his personal page information about Earth Overshoot Day and his desire to spread positive energy and knowledge to everyone, even at home during the pandemic. He shared: “Usually, many people will think: resources are limitless, so it doesn’t matter how many years have been spent. It is not; each year, the Earth creates only a finite amount of resources. This year, the Global Footprint Network organization has calculated that July 29 is when the whole world has used up all of 2021’s resources. It means that after today: we are borrowing resources of future generations. This leads to serious problems that negatively affect the environment, especially those related to climate change.”


Also, with a gentle word-guess quiz on his page, Youtuber Thien Khiem (Khiemslays) has brought the anti-epidemic message to the community but did not leave environmental problems behind on the occasion of Earth Overshoot Day July 29.

YouTuber Khiemslays

Not only was the message spread on Facebook, but the message of Earth Overshoot Day was also responded to by hot TikTokers like Hukha and DelaChris through short clips about this day, along with a call to the community to take action.

In particular, the Earth Overshoot Day campaign with an urgent global environmental message has also received the support and response of many diplomatic and business leaders, including Ms. Emily Hamblin, British General Consulate in Ho Chi Minh City. On her social networking sites, Miss Emily Hamblin posted a picture of herself with the globe and a message in Vietnamese and English, calling on people to protect the environment and join CHANGE’s campaign on the page to commit to some green actions to help the Earth. Many businesses, organizations, and universities have also shared information about the campaign with their staff and on their social networking sites and called for the community to participate, such as the British Chamber of Commerce. (Britcham), Dragon Capital Company, Dynam Capital Limited, etc.

With the great support and response of a large number of artists, celebrities, business leaders, and diplomats, the message “The Earth is out of breath – Postponing the overloaded day” has been vigorously spread to the community at the same time affirming that the community is always interested in environmental issues in the context of the current complicated epidemic.

The Earth Day Overshoot campaign 2021 is sponsored by Galaxy ME and with the companionship of Dentsu Redder.

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