Minh Anh (also known as MAnh, with a capital letter A) is currently a Pollution project officer at CHANGE. However, MAnh is also known for another “title”, which is the “weekend thief” of everyone in the office.

What do you do at CHANGE?

I am currently a Project Officer specializing in Pollution at CHANGE. My current main job is coordinating the “Green Neighborhood” project, a local community project to raise awareness about recycling and environmental protection for people. CHANGE has a team called Program, specializing in doing “big” projects and exciting activities. Over the course of time, each piece of the Program team has their own nickname, associated with the project that is kind of their “brainchild”. I and “Green Neighborhood” have been friends since the first days when he came to CHANGE. Every time teammates need to ask about the Green Neighborhood project, they will look for me, and every weekend, I will find teammates to accompany me to execute the event better and smoother. Maybe that’s why people in the office often pray silently when they see me approaching and softly asking, “Is everyone free this weekend?”

What brought MAnh to CHANGE?

If “lost” is the keyword of youth, then MAnh feels very lucky to have been a part of CHANGE. I always consider the opportunity to work at CHANGE as a very magical fate. It gives me many valuable lessons and experiences as a stepping stone for the road ahead. I still remember the time when I just graduated and returned to Vietnam after studying in Japan. I was disoriented because my plan to study for a master’s degree failed. At that time, my father was the one who “guided” me to CHANGE – he sent me a link of CHANGE application and encouraged me to apply. I also studied Environment and Development, and I felt that the job and CHANGE were very suitable for me so I spent 2 weeks putting a lot of efforts into the application form. Fortunately, I was chosen to accompany CHANGE on extremely interesting environmental projects. I became a piece of CHANGE like that.

CHANGE to you is…?

I always hope to work in an environment where there are responsible teammates so that no one becomes anyone’s burden, and no one has to shoulder the work for anyone, as we complete the work well together. And indeed CHANGE gave me that. The working environment at CHANGE is really fun, open and understanding. Everyone respects each other and everyone’s efforts are recognized. The bosses are extremely empathic and caring about their employees, making me extremely respectful. The difficulties of going to work for the first time are here to stay, of course. In addition, negativity and some unexpected twists in life make me want to give up many times. But it is thanks to everyone at CHANGE that gave me the motivation to continue until now. I really hope that CHANGE’s new projects this year will go smoothly and successfully in accordance with the spirit of the Year of the Tiger. Hope everyone at CHANGE stays healthy and continues to overcome the challenges ahead together. No matter where the future heads, the time working at CHANGE will definitely still be memorable for me.

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