The story of illegal wildlife trade and captive breeding is not a new story, but it is still a painful problem that needs to be strongly condemned.

Some pictures in captive reportage in Nghe An. Video source: VTV1

This is not only illegal but also pushes many rare wildlife species to the brink of extinction.

Since the beginning of the year, Nghe An province has continuously arrested many violations of illegal trading, transportation and captive breeding of wild animals. However, these cases are just the tip of the iceberg because wildlife trade in Nghe An is still complicated.

On August 1, 2021, the Environmental Police Department of Nghe An Provincial Police arrested 2 subjects residing in Huong Son district, Ha Tinh province, who were transporting 7 tiger cubs to Nghe An for consumption. From this project, the police force continued to expand the investigation, thereby detecting and seizing 17 adult Indochinese tigers being illegally kept in captivity in 2 households of Do Thanh commune, Yen Thanh district. 

The government loosely managed and people for profit before arrest defied the regulations to raise tigers illegally. It is said that the captive breeding of tigers in the area of ​​Do Thanh commune, Yen Thanh district has been going on for many years and the number of tiger-raising households is not only the two households that were arrested. Recent wildlife seizures are just the tip of the iceberg.

Mr. Phan Van Tuyen, Chairman of the People’s Committee of Yen Thanh district, Nghe An province said: “We will survey the remaining households to see if anyone has tigers. Besides, we will strengthen fighting measures. make sure to catch the right person for the right crime.”

Mr. Le Dai Thang, Deputy Head of Forest Protection and Conservation Department, Nghe An Forest Protection Department said: “For households in doubt, we will strengthen propaganda and struggle measures. , signed a commitment not to conduct wildlife trade”.

From the beginning of 2021 up to now, Nghe An Provincial Police has handled 15 cases, arrested 22 subjects related to wildlife trade and captive breeding, of which, criminally handled 12 cases with 19 subjects and 19 subjects. seized 3,600 kg of endangered and rare wild animals. During the arrest, these subjects were very active and ready to oppose the authorities.

In fact, the situation of wildlife trade in Nghe An province is still complicated. The fight against this type of crime needs to be carried out regularly and continuously, in order to avoid the situation of “stone-throwing the pond” leading to the risk of extinction of rare and precious animals.

Source: VTV

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