Around September-October every year, in the rice fields of Hoi Ninh, Chat Binh communes,… Kim Son district (Ninh Binh province), people begin to stretch net fences to trap sky birds.

Present in the rice fields of Hoi Ninh, Chat Binh … Kim Son district, Dan Viet reporter recorded a series of “invisible” net fences built from two bamboo poles about 3-5 meters high to trap storks, cauldrons, etc. share, rooster, country, sedge, heron…

Usually, people use nets to trap these birds, mainly at night, when they will turn on loudspeakers to emit the sound of birds and storks and place them in the corners of the field to call the flock of birds flying in the sky to fall into the net.

Mr. Tran Van D (village 9, Chat Binh commune) said: “Every year, when there is good rice in the fields, someone else will spread a net to trap wild birds. Bird traps and storks are often active at night and in the morning, they start removing the birds, and the storks get caught in the net and sell them.”

“As for the birds and storks caught in the net during the day, the owners spread the nets without checking, so most of the birds and storks are dead, hanging in the air and looking very haunted,” Mr. Tran Van D.

According to the research of reporter Dan Viet, after the birds and storks are trapped, there will be traders coming to the place to buy or the owners will take them to places to sell, import into restaurants, and even sell them. directly on social networking sites.

In particular, in Kim Son district (Ninh Binh province), it is easy to see motorbikes carrying dozens of birds to sell to customers. It is known that the selling price of storks is about 70,000-100,000 VND/pair, 140-150,000 VND/pair, cauldrons up to 100,000 VND.

Birds of the sky are increasingly depleted due to indiscriminate hunting, affecting the ecological balance of the environment, losing the poetry of life because of the absence of birdsong.

It is very necessary for Ninh Binh province’s authorities to inspect, prevent and promptly handle violations of the law on management, rearing, buying, selling, transporting, processing and trading wild birds.

More specifically, the act of trapping, transporting and trading native and wild migratory birds is taking place in rice fields in Chat Binh and Hoi Ninh communes (Kim Son district).

Source: Dan Viet

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