On the job trainees at CHANGE

1. My Tam’s story in CHANGE: I had a busy and meaningful “interval”.

The CHANGErs have been lamenting “oh I’m so old” every time upon hearing new members introduce their birth year. That’s what they call “talented youth”. Those who have just reached the threshold of university are very active, enthusiastic, ready to commit and involved in the environment. My Tam – CHANGE’s intern girl with the name of a diva as proof that she can sing very well, is one of such young people. Unlike her peers, My Tam chose to have a gap year, temporarily keeping herself away from academic knowledge and lecture halls to explore interesting discoveries and experiences.

What chance led Tam to CHANGE?

I had a plan to “take a break” after graduating from high school to execute my own plans and experience distinct things. Even though on the surface, this time is like “rest time”, I actually “do” a lot of things during this time. That’s why I want to find a place where I can learn and accumulate practical experience, while collecting memorable experiences.

I applied for CHANGE quite by pure accident when I saw a post about internship recruitment on Facebook. Looking at CHANGE’s activities, I immediately “doted on” it, so I applied immediately.

During the time at CHANGE, what did Tam learn?

My work at CHANGE is mainly helping with wildlife projects, brainstorming ideas and working with related parties to organize events. Sometimes I’m also in charge of logistics. 

The time working at CHANGE was fun and memorable. I learned a lot from my teammates. I got to organize grand and meaningful events, and learned more about the environment and green lifestyle. What I like most about CHANGE is the working atmosphere in the organization. Every day in the office is a joyful memory. Everyone worked hard but also played hard. I also remember meetings in the office, when the Program team and the MarCom team sat in the meeting room for hours to brainstorm ideas and directions for the event. And of course, I am very happy to know that my work will make a small contribution to the protection of wildlife in Vietnam.

Tam’s message to CHANGE on the occasion of our birthday?

I wish CHANGE will continue to have many projects and activities in the next birthdays. Thank you CHANGE for inspiring me about the environment and wildlife, and I believe that CHANGE’s messages and activities will continue to inspire many other young people.


2. Dieu Thuy – The feminine girl utterly devoted to the environment

Accompanying each talented Program divisionn at CHANGE are “helpful assistants” – extremely enthusiastic interns who  blow new winds of youthfulness into CHANGE. Among the bright intern CHANGErs, Thuy is a feminine girl who is always ready to devote her full potential to activities and programs for the environment and community at CHANGE.

What is your impression when working at CHANGE?

After a period of working at CHANGE, CHANGE’s image has not changed compared to my imagination before working here. What I like most about CHANGE is the open working environment. Even though I’m an intern, my opinions are still heard and considered by my colleagues. I feel my voice is valued and that motivates me to work even better and be more creative to come up with more fantastic ideas.

What is the wish that Thuy wants to send to CHANGE on our birthday?

On the occasion of our 9th birthday, I wish CHANGE to be more successful on the way to fulfill our mission. I hope that CHANGE’s projects will spread influence to more individuals, as well as bring many good messages and effects to the community and society. I also wish the members of CHANGE always keep the fire of enthusiasm to continue on the path that everyone has chosen.


3. Ms. Nguyen

Nguyen – CHANGE’s intern girl and “telephone operator”.

“Hello, I am from CHANGE, I’m calling to confirm…” – This must have become the signature saying of Nguyen – the Partner and Fundraising intern in recent days. Many of you who have “adopted” baby flushed pangolins, rhinos and elephants these days may wonder who is our lovely “operator”. Thus, today CHANGE will reveal her to you guys!

How is a day of a Partner and Fundraising intern like Nguyen?

In the days of the previous “adoption” campaign, I always came to the office filled with flushed pangolins, rhinos and elephants. I often joke with teammates that I both love and hate these busy days. Love because our stuffed animals are “adopted”. Hate because there are only 2 members in our Fundraising team but we do many things from calling, packing, writing the bill of lading, carrying boxes… I can’t remember how many phone calls I made in a day, I just know that I can now answer the phone like an automated machine. What’s more, I also have to get used to very interesting “manual” jobs such as packing cute stuffed animals and sending love to wildlife to everyone. Besides, I also support my teammates when needed. This work may sound boring, but I really enjoy it and feel like I’m a part of meaningful activities.

How was Nguyen “seduced” to join CHANGE?

Before that, I also had the opportunities to learn about CHANGE and other NPOs when attending an exhibition. After hearing about CHANGE and the projects that CHANGE does, I was “lured” and applied to CHANGE as soon as I had the opportunity. I’m lucky that now I can become a member of CHANGE and do the work that I love.

Is CHANGE like what Nguyen imagined?

What I imagine about CHANGE is not much different from reality. When I have the opportunity to work at CHANGE, I feel very happy because there are seniors who are always willing to guide and share with me. What I especially like about CHANGE is the spirit of “work hard, play harder” here. The teammates at CHANGE are very cute and friendly, I can completely “tease” and laugh with everyone during lunchtime in a very open and comfortable way. But when working, they will put 200% of their energy into making many “impossible” things possible. The past time working at CHANGE made me realize that the impact of the campaigns CHANGE is doing is very widespread. I hope people will understand that they are protecting wildlife and the environment more through these campaigns that we are doing.


4. Mr. Phong

The story of CHANGE’s gen Z intern boy: Not idle but not boring either

If anyone asks if the internship at CHANGE is fun, let Huy Phong – a MarCom intern at CHANGE tell you all!

What is Phong’s “predestination” with CHANGE?

I found out about CHANGE by accident. I want to make the most of this new period of my life and by devoting it to meaningful activities and experiences, and fortunately, CHANGE is also recruiting teammates. So I just went along and was luckily chosen.

Are Phong’s “imaginations” of CHANGE similar to what you are experiencing? 

I think there are many things that should only be kept in the heart and not expressed.

Just joking 😀 Before joining CHANGE, I did some research and found that CHANGE was a very dynamic organization with many interesting creative communication projects. Although I’m studying a field that has nothing to do with media, I love to “engage” in discovering new things, and I want to be a part of the meaningful things that CHANGE is doing. I feel that at CHANGE, everyone, even an “insignificant” intern like me, is always heard, is free to give my opinion, and ask questions without fear of being judged.

Many people think that the interns can only run errands or make-work like serving water and the like . It’s true that I carry water jugs, (because the office is mostly fraught with females), but I myself am also “depressed” many times because I’m too busy working at CHANGE! Being an intern at CHANGE is not idle, I have to do a lot of things that I don’t know where to start and can only be drowned in the countless things the MarCom team has to do. But due to those, I learned a lot of new and useful things. The MarCom Team is a busy team just like the Program team, and every season of events comes, interns like me are also drawn to the “struggle” of working non-stop. But I’m not bored at all. Oh, and I small fact I want to add is that in addition to being an intern, I’m also the “destroyer of instant noodles” at CHANGE!

 What is Phong’s wish for CHANGE on our birthday?

On the occasion of CHANGE getting one year older and the brothers and sisters in CHANGE also getting one year older, I wish everyone always has good health to successfully complete CHANGE’s projects. I also hope that CHANGE’s current and future projects will always go smoothly and spread love for the Earth to many people.


5. Chau Long’s Story: Confessions of an intern CHANGEr

What’s interesting about being an intern at CHANGE? As a pioneering organization in the field of environmental protection, CHANGE has organized many communication activities to raise awareness as well as change the daily lifestyle of Vietnamese people. For the CHANGERs behind these activities, they are the brainchild and inspiration for them to continue on their journey to protect the environment. As for the intern CHANGErs here, it was CHANGE who inspired them. Let’s listen to the story of Chau Long – an intern CHANGEr at CHANGE!

May be an image of 5 people and text that says "CHAU LONG Humans ofCHANGE CHANGE"

Can you share a little bit about Long’s current job at CHANGE?

Currently, I’m a Program Intern who helps my teammates to organize CHANGE events and all other “gigantic” projects. The workload is quite busy and “heavy” for an internship, but I find meaning in the work I do here. Thus, going to work is sometimes tiring but I don’t feel pressured but rather extremely fun. The working environment at CHANGE is extremely good. Everyone is enthusiastic and very friendly.

What do you like most about CHANGE?

What I like most about CHANGE is definitely the human element. Each brother, sister, boss and colleague is tolerant and helpful to me, and also teaches me many exciting things. I like it the most. The story I remember the most is in different time slots (30 minutes before work time, lunch time, snack time and overworking time), I will have the opportunity to confide and share with everyone about everything. It is very fun, and helps me release my steam and learn a lot more. The culture, environment and people at CHANGE inspired me to start changing and apply a green lifestyle to my life.

What is the loving word that Chau Long wants to send to CHANGE on the occasion of our 9th birthday?

I hope CHANGE will grow stronger and stronger and do a lot of meaningful projects and campaigns for our planet!


6. Story from Lan Le – MarCom Intern at CHANGE

Surely many of you are wondering: the MarCom team at CHANGE seems…not very significant? Lan Le – CHANGE’s Communication intern also had the same wonder. But you have to be part of the MarCom team to understand, MarCom is also very important!

How did Lan know about CHANGE?

I had the opportunity to attend an event under CHANGE’s Homo-plastics project, and was extremely impressed with the organization, images and content that CHANGE conveyed. Since then, I officially became a “diehard fanatic”, always following and supporting CHANGE wholeheartedly.

Lan’s impression of CHANGE as a part of “family”?

In the past, when I was an “outsider”, which meant I could only see and participate in activities organized by CHANGE, I was always very impressed with the level of professionalism and scope of influence that CHANGE campaigns brought about. At that time, I simply thought that it was the “effort” of those in the Program team, while the MarCom team just sat by supporting. But when I joined CHANGE, I realized that, in order to contribute to creating such “fabulous” projects, all departments and people have to pull out 200% of their efforts. The MarCom team has to do a lot of work to be able to bring CHANGE’s projects closer to the community. After joining CHANGE, I found that CHANGE is very tight knitted -everyone is really cute, and at work, they all do it very whole-heartedly with high productivity and of course, high quality.

Lan’s wishes for CHANGE on this special occasion?

Hope CHANGE will continue to be strong on the path to fulfill its mission and inspire many young people about environmental awareness like how CHANGE has done very successfully with me ^^

7. Story of Duy Phan –  MarCom Intern at CHANGE

Why did Duy choose CHANGE as an internship place?

The reason is very simple: “It’s boom time!” 😀 I came to CHANGE because this is the time when I need practical experience in the field of communication. Fortunately, CHANGE has also recently posted a job recruiting ad.

Duy’s impression when coming to CHANGE?

I recently discovered CHANGE and was very impressed with the projects that CHANGE has done. Having the opportunity to work with the CHANGE team, what I like most is that I get to work with the “happy, hard working” brothers and sisters at CHANGE. I think my future time in CHANGE will have a lot of interesting things waiting for me.

Duy’s wishes to CHANGE on the occasion of his 9th birthday?

I hope the 9th year of CHANGE will be very memorable with many great projects having a greater influence on more young people!

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