Weekly Training is an interesting activity, a cultural value that may only exist at CHANGE, where we can learn new things, share our own experience and enjoy entertainment after working hours.

In the context that the world is constantly changing and volatile, the environmental comprehension and internal education programs in organizations have been uncommon, CHANGE has created a unique and valuable culture for itself. On every Wednesday (or Thursday), our people will gather to learn essential skills required for specific tasks by participating in interesting courses, discussions, team-building, and even exercises activities in order to maintain a fresh and healthy condition for work.

“Cool” training with prominent members

Earlier, when we still work at office, CHANGE’s training are mainly chat sessions about specific topics and skills around hot issues such as: Community work skills, PowerPoint design skills, Climate collage courses, Drafting contracts, etc. The knowledge and stories shared by the members as well as experienced organizations always inspire and energize CHANGEers to confidently take actions.

… and interesting training besides!

CHANGE’s training are not only for learning but enjoying as well. In May 2021, during “Pangolin are still endangered” campaign, weekly training joined the workshop of practicing the super cute pangolin dance moves. Everyone danced together and had a wonderful time, with enthusiasm dedicating themselves to breathtaking performance and clips.

COVID outbreak, CHANGEers had solution! 

Over the past 5 months, despite working at home, CHANGE still arranges the schedule to maintain weekly meetings via technology. By way of e-training, together with digital documents archived online and able to access easily, we found the applications owning to which everyone can interact and connect with each other making the training more fun and interesting. These internal training are also a means to help us see each other frequently as well as support our emotions very much during the hardship.

Let us share with you a secret, our CHANGE had many useful and dynamic courses during the social distancing period. For instance, we have learnt about social media sites, “healing our souls” with Improvisation exercises or chat sessions on stress topic. 

Fun facts: We even had the training during which we danced before laptop’s camera and the ‘weird’ funniest thing is that we realized our family members totally captured that moment…

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