If you’ve been following CHANGE for a while, you probably know that in addition to Facebook fan page, CHANGE also caught up on the trend and “invested” in a TikTok channel called Not So Breaking News. And on this special 9-year-old CHANGE’s birthday, we would like to reveal the face that takes charge of this TikTok channel. As a person with a cheerful personality, Sang is always the one to bring joy and laughter to not only the CHANGE office, but also wherever Sang is present.

Sang seems to be a very open and funny person at work, Is Sang like that outside?

Before entering CHANGE, everyone will have to take a personality test to see what kind of personality you are. At that time, I was also very surprised when the result was the “Entertainer” personality trait (or clown, for easier understanding). I am also a quite cheerful and sociable person, but I feel that I possess multiple personalities. That means I am happy and quite easygoing, but sometimes I can be very demanding. In general, I’m very approachable (everyone at CHANGE says so), like to listen and observe, and also a bit of a “rule breaker” sometimes.

When I entered CHANGE, I was like a fish in water. At CHANGE, everyone is fun and excellent, hardworking and is very “crazy”, so the atmosphere suits me, just like what I thought about CHANGE before. So wherever I go, I’m very excited to share with everyone about CHANGE, about what I and everyone else are doing, because everything is very interesting. I’ve been in CHANGE for a while, but CHANGE still has a lot of things for me to explore and learn.

Sang and CHANGE seem to match well. So during the time working at CHANGE, did Sang have any special memories?

Actually, at first, my goal was to find a job to do after graduation, to learn more experience and work hard, so I wanted to find a young and creative working environment to balance with my “stiffness”. Personally, I also love working for non-profit organizations, so CHANGE is already one of my goals. Working at CHANGE gives me a lot of energy to love the environment, love the animals associated with many first experiences: going to Nha Be to record at the garbage dump, winning the Miss CHANGE 2021 team with hand wrestling finale, playing with KOLs, etc. The most memorable memory is probably the first time I set foot in the mud and wade through the mangroves during my trip to Can Gio within the Climate Leaders Camp organized by CHANGE recently. . Going to the forest is really hard as you’re covered in mud, but I feel extremely happy and enjoyable. For the first time, I am so close to nature, and that makes me feel even more love for the environment.

Thank you to CHANGE for the exciting opportunities that come my way, and I hope to have many more trips in CHANGE’s 10th year.

What is the wish Sang would like to send to CHANGE on the occasion of his birthday?

I wish 9-year-old CHANGE baby to quickly grow up, and always walk with firm steps.

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