From an unattractive-for-investment province in the central of Vietnam, Quang Tri has emerged with dozens of renewable energy projects, many of which are currently being implemented.

Within this year, Quang Tri expects to have 15 wind power projects that will be connected to the national grid, allowing the province to continue on the path of achieving its dream to be the center of renewable energy in Vietnam.

During an interview with Tuoi Tre newspaper, Mr. Vu Van Hung, Chairman of Quang Tri People’s Committee, shared that the province had faced a breakthrough in the number of energy investment projects, which in recent years has increased to a record-breaking number.

Quang Tri is leading the wind power field

Why has Quang Tri moved towards becoming the renewable energy center of the Central region?

Currently, Quang Tri has about 377MW of renewable energy projects that generate electricity. In addition, there are 29 wind power projects which have been supplemented with additional planning by the authorities, with a total capacity of more than 1,100MW being invested in them. 

Of the 29 projects mentioned, 15 will be put into operation in 2021. At the same time, 52 additional wind power projects are being submitted to the authorities for consideration along with the approval of additional planning amounting to a total capacity of 2,764MW.  Additionally, 8 of the 29 wind power projects are under consideration, with research to prepare the additional planning documents with a total capacity of 1,670MW underway.

In addition, the province has many other renewable energy projects that have been submitted to the Ministry of Industry and Trade for consideration and additional planning.


”Dozens of wind power projects invested in the west of Quang Tri has, in a short time, brought the province closer to its dream of becoming a renewable energy center – Credit: HOANG TUAN”

Overall, Quang Tri has the ability to develop 8,290MW of renewable energy projects if the planning is approved by the authorities. This is the basis for Quang Tri to move towards becoming the renewable energy center of the Central region.

Quang Tri identifies the energy industry as a breakthrough development field, which is one of the three main cores in order to boost the economy and strive to make Quang Tri province the energy center of the Central region in the coming time.

Energy development always comes with many environmental challenges, what is Quang Tri’s policy in this regard?

“Wind power and gas power have the advantage of being less environmentally hazardous than other energy sources. – Credit: HOANG TUAN”

Currently, Quang Tri is focusing on developing wind power in the west and gas power in the economic zone in the southeast of Quang Tri. Wind power and gas power have the advantage of being less environmentally hazardous than other energy sources.

In the past, Quang Tri was oriented to develop coal-fired power plants. However, the investor EGATI from Thailand negotiated and carried out investment procedures for the Quang Tri 1 thermal power plant. This project has been included in the national electricity development planning.

Nonetheless, the province’s present view is focused on the environmental issues, and the  thermal power plant will cost coal materials and transportation fees.

In addition, the consideration of incident risks, dust pollution, and long-term problems, makes handling the issue complex.

Currently, the Quang Tri 1 thermal power plant has been delayed for many years. If the investor does not deploy the plant this year, the province will have to reconsider the plan.

If the deployment is seen through, it must ensure commitment to Europe’s advanced technology. Otherwise, it must be transferred to another investor to carry out the gas power development.

“Many of the wind power projects was and are being carried out, enabling Quang Tri to become the leader in the wind power field in the country – Credit: QUOC NAM”

Promote infrastructure to attract investment

In the coming time, does the province have any breakthrough strategies to attract investment?

As investment promotion activities are a key task, for them to be effective the position of the province needs to be gradually improved not only in the region but the whole country too. Therefore in the coming time, Quang Tri will focus on the following issues: firstly, to develop and promulgate appropriate policies and mechanisms in order to maximize and effectively use resources from the governmental, local and commune levels, gradually upgrading and completing the socio-economic infrastructure, which will speed up the progress of key projects for the purpose of attracting investment.

We will promote the improvement of the province’s image and investment environment, which will create a positive change in building a friendly, safe, and effective image for the investors when coming to invest and explore the investment opportunities in the province.

Secondly, there will be a focus on calling for projects with a scale which is suitable for local characteristics, making good use of the province’s potential advantages.

We will speed up the construction progress of planned renewable energy projects and the transmission system to release wind power plant capacity in Huong Hoa district, Dakrong district.

Quang Tri will focus on investing in the development of road infrastructure. In particular, we will prioritize the investment of construction and development of the Southeast Quang Tri economic zone which is the core for industrial development. Additionally focus will be given to completing and putting into operation the key projects, such as the Quang Tri gas power plant project 340MW of Gazprom International, 1,500MW Hai Lang LNG power center project (phase 1), and Quang Tri Industrial Park project of VSIP – Amata – Sumotomo Joint Venture.

In addition, a proposal will be given to the Government to add the gas pipeline system from Ken Bau field to Quang Tri to the master electricity diagram VIII in order to make Quang Tri strive to become an energy center of the central region.

Promote the improvement of the image and investment environment, which will create a positive change in building a friendly, safe, and effective image for the investors when coming to invest and explore the investment opportunities in the province – Credit: HOANG TUAN.

At the same time, we will speed up the investment process to put My Thuy seaport, Cua Viet port, Quang Tri airport, and the coastal road connecting the East-West economic corridor and the province’s traffic works with the national transportation system into operation.

Therefore, I affirm that it is a must to invest in My Thuy port which can receive ships over 100,000 tons. This is a deep-water port with many advantages, which has been studied before.

A statistic shows that every day, 500-700 containers pass through Lao Bao border gate but have to travel on road to Da Nang or through Chan May port (Hue).

Businesses do not want to travel 150-200km to get into Da Nang. Therefore, the need to build a seaport is urgent. Moreover, when Quang Tri airport is developed, investors, travel agencies and tourists will pay attention to Quang Tri and My Thuy port, which will create regional connectivity.

The strategy to build My Thuy seaport as a deep-water port has been proposed by Quang Tri province which will be the gate for goods transported on the East-West economic corridor – Credit: The management of Quang Tri’s economic zone

The construction of Quang Tri airport will start this year

Quang Tri airport is considered to be the driving force of the province’s development. How is the progress of the project going so far, sir?

Quang Tri airport has been included in the master plan on development of air transport by the Prime Minister for the period of 2020 to 2030, as oriented. The Ministry of Transport has approved the plan with the condition that the domestic airport is to serve both civil and military use. The scale will be at civil airport level 4C and military level II with the capacity of 1 million passengers/year.

With the number of tourists coming to Quang Tri increasing steadily over the years with more than 2 million people in 2019 as well as the increase in number of investors and experts coming to study and research investment in Quang Tri, this is a project that plays an important role in attracting investment to Quang Tri.

A few designs for Quang Tri airport – Credit: QUOC NAM

Moreover, the investment in Quang Tri airport makes an important contribution to ensuring national defense and security of patrolling and controlling border areas, islands and archipelagos in the Central region and the Gulf of Tonkin, as well as serving rescue work in the East Sea.

The project is highly feasible and needs investment for the period of 2021 – 2025. The Prime Minister has agreed in writing to assign the Quang Tri People’s Committee to organize the preparation of a pre-feasibility study report and submit it to the authorities for approval upon the investment policy of Quang Tri airport project in the form of public-private partnership (PPP).

In addition, the People’s Committee directs relevant agencies to compile dossiers to propose investment policies in order to mark processes such as land-use planning and creating a clean land fund, in order for investors to complete investment procedures as soon as possible and start construction in 2021.

Prioritize high-profile investors

Our view is that it is possible to select a few investors, but they must be high-profile, reputable, and capable investors. Prioritising the efficient use of resources and advanced technology, creation of jobs and production of high value-added products.

They must be the leading investors in creating new impulses and energy for the province’s investment. Currently, there are investors of such stature along with a tourism project with a total investment of 2,000 billion VND which has been deployed.

Our view is that it is possible to select a few investors, but they must be high-profile, reputable, and capable investors. Prioritising efficient use of resources and advanced technology, creation of jobs and production of high value-added products – credit: HOANG TUAN

There are many opportunities for the development of Quang Tri’s tourism

Mr. Vo Van Hung, Chairman of Quang Tri People’s Committee – credit: NGOC HIEN

According to Mr. Vo Van Hung, besides tourism services which have shaped their  brand such as tourism about old battlefields and teammates, DMZ tourism, and East-West Economic Corridor tourism, Quang Tri has many other interesting services that can attract tourists and businesses to invest in it, such as the beautiful and primitive beaches of Cua Viet, Cua Tung, and My Thuy.

In particular, 17 nautical miles from the mainland, Con Co island – a pearl of the East Sea has become an attractive destination for tourists from inside and outside the province in recent years.

This is the place that was mentioned in high regards at a tourism development conference in early May by Mr. Nguyen Anh Tuan, Director of the Vietnam Tourism Research Institute. Even Mr. Tuan “chooses” Con Co as a highlight, a brand, and a difference for Quang Tri tourism if there is a good developmental direction, especially if an attraction such as a high-end resort is present to be highlighted.

At that time, Mr. Tuan also said that if there was a high-class investor, Con Co island could be developed into a tourist paradise such as the Maldives.

In the western region of the province, there are a variety of biomes including forests and mountains. As well as freshwater biomes such as lakes, rivers and streams. Which creates natural majestic scenery. Furthermore there are massive caves and waterfalls located throughout the area, which are convenient for developing eco-tourism and adventure tourism. In recent years, in Huong Hoa district, a number of community tourism models have been formed such as the Wild Sunflowers Road, Heather Flower Garden, 5-Season Bungalow, and the wind power field in Huong Linh.

Con Co island – the pearl of the East Sea has become an attractive destination for tourists from inside and outside the province in recent years. – credit: THE KIET

Furthermore, there is a cave system that has just been discovered in the northern part of Huong Hoa district. This cave system is considered to be as magnificent and fanciful as the cave system in Quang Binh with a system of stalactites which has accumulated over millions of years. Recently, leaders of Quang Tri province have set up a team to directly inspect it in order to find a plan to establish the value of this cave system.

However, Mr. Hung said that the development of this type of tourism is in its early stages and the potential advantages have not been fully explored. In the future, Quang Tri will mobilize all resources, actively implement public-private partnership (PPP) projects, and call on businesses to build adventure sports tourism services associated with the river, streams, caves, and waterfalls. This is inclusive of activities such as trekking, sight-seeing of natural coastal areas and the “Legendary River” tour, simultaneously providing policies to support and create favorable conditions for the development of community tourism, homestay tourism and farmstays.

According to Mr. Hung, recently, many large corporations and travel companies have come to survey and build investment plans with a registered capital of thousands of billions of dong.


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