After a period of evaluation and careful consideration, the Organizers of Vietnam Climate Leadership Camp (abbreviated to VCLC) has selected seven ideas for environmental projects to continue the next phase of education and training. Previously, at the 2021 Vietnam Climate Leadership Camp, 50 young people from 15 provinces with 14 enthusiastic projects had the opportunity to learn practical knowledge and skills to solve climate change issues in the locality where they live.

Vietnam Climate Leadership Camp 2021

Vietnam Climate Leadership Camp (VCLC) is an initiative launched by CHANGE in 2017, with the predecessor being the “I am a Climate Citizen” program in 2013. VCLC’s primary goal is to support young local climate leaders in developing and implementing practical and complete environmental campaigns. By participating in the program, young people will have the opportunity to access valuable knowledge about climate change and hone the necessary skills to build a feasible and suitable environmental project according to local needs. (such as project design toolkit, deep root problem analysis skills, team-building skills, leadership skills, communication, fundraising, etc.); at the same time, CHANGE will provide financial support for outstanding and feasible projects to be implemented after the program.

Due to social distancing, phase 1 of VCLC 2021 has changed its organizational form and has included eight online training sessions in October – November 2021 and an in-person camp. After a long delay, the VCLC 2021 camp took place at Can Gio Biosphere Reserve – Ho Chi Minh City from January 7 to January 11, 2022, with the participation of 50 enthusiastic and potential young campers from all over the country. Here, young leaders who love the environment have been inspired and have the expertise to carry out their group’s projects.

In addition, the campers also learned about the circular economy. They also approached design thinking, training, cultivating leadership skills, teamwork, crisis resolution, storytelling to create impact, and developing a project implementation plan.

The “auction” of ideas to find the Top 7 best environmental projects

After returning from Can Gio, the groups continue to perfect and add missing points for their projects and prepare for the upcoming presentation and idea “auction” in front of the Judges and the Sponsor. This final presentation was an opportunity for the teams to shine, “conquer” the jury with project ideas for improving the environment, and show their potential and capacity.

Thirteen groups of VCLC 2021 participated in a presentation about their project to convince the Jury and Sponsors to support the project. In the “auction” of ideas, the groups presented details about the project and answered questions. The Jury was very interested in this year’s projects when discussing and scoring the teams. As a result, BTC considered and selected the TOP 7 most outstanding, outstanding, and practical projects that received financial support up to $1,000 and technical and professional help in the later project implementation phase. The selected projects include:

  1. Project “Mat troi xanh” – AROS Team (Including Hong Thien, Huynh Trang, Xuan Thu) to help primary school students in Ben Tre province, specifical students at Binh Phu Primary School, have an understanding about climate-related phenomena around them and thereby have a greater sense of protecting their health because children are one of the subjects most affected by climate change.,
  2. Project “ANKHOE” – ANKHOE Group (Including Gia My, Kim Nhuong, Kim Phuc): Vegetarian App to meet the needs of personalized nutrition and the desire to receive advice from a nutritionist nourish and strengthen the connection between the current vegetarian community.
  3. Project “GOM” – Group of GOMers (including friends: Hoang Anh, Ha My, Duy Hung, Hoang Bao, Thanh Binh) to build a battery collection – treatment network, raising awareness and changing behavior Green living habits of high school students in Ha Long.
  4. The “Toi day dong day” project (Including you: Thanh Huyen, Gia Nhu, Thao Uyen, Hong Hanh) with the model of “come here and fill” providing refilling services for personal care products and household cleaning products for the group of students studying at the Vietnam National University Village in Ho Chi Minh City. HCM aims to minimize single-use plastic packaging.
  5. The Eco Project (Including Thanh Nen, Thanh Mai, Gia Han) is aimed at students of the University of Social Sciences and Humanities. They do not have the proper awareness of sustainable fashion and have fast fashion consumption habits. The goal is to help more than 200 students better understand the impact of fashion on the environment and change fashion consumption habits through creating a second-hand space to exchange used clothes and a series of workshops and media campaigns to raise awareness.
  6. Gen R Project – The Renewable Group (Including Duy Dan, Diem Loan, Hong Ngoc), the project was created to develop a zero-waste school space (Zero Waste Campus) to change perceptions and behavior about using single-use plastic products of UEH & VLU students, thereby promoting and forming sustainable consumption habits.
  7. Project “HEAT UP FOR CLIMATE ACTION” (HUCA) – YNET Vietnam (Including Truong Nguyen Luan, Bao Nghi, Thanh Mai, Ngoc Anh). The project is to create an open space for young people to join the network and share their personal stories and personal projects around climate change. In addition, the project also provides accurate and specialized information and knowledge on climate change to help young people improve their knowledge and skills to serve their projects.

Vietnam Climate Leadership Camp (VCLC) 2021 organizers would like to congratulate all of you! Although only seven groups were selected to continue accompanying VCLC, we believe that all of you have tried and tried your best with action ideas for the environment and climate change.

Continue to follow the following updates of the Vietnam Climate Leadership Camp updates and the latest information on the environment and climate on the fanpage CHANGE and Vietnam Climate Action!

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