In celebration of Wildlife Conservation Day (annual December 04), with the desire to raise awareness and change habits of wildlife consumption in the community, in order to protect Vietnam’s valuable biodiversity, using the message “Stop wild meat, stop disaster” and the endangered species photoshoot album, more than 20 celebrities, travel bloggers together with CHANGE and WildAid voice out to protect wild animals, those are Khanh Van – Miss Vietnam Universe Pageant 2019, Kim Duyen – 1st Runner Up – Miss Vietnam Universe Pageant 2019, singer Quan A.P,  choreographer – dancer Quang Dang, actor Lanh Thanh, model Quang Dai, musician – singer SSAY, travel blogger – photographer Quy Coc Tu, travel blogger Vinh Gau, travel blogger Ly Thanh Co, travel blogger Tam Bui, Su Tu An Chay (Vegan Lion)- Fitness & Lifestyle Influencer, etc.

Be a part of this meaningful activity, Kim Duyen – 1st Runner Up – Miss Vietnam Universe Pageant 2019, shared: “When traveling, people use to consume wild animals, think of it as a delicacy and quite enjoy it. Duyen hopes that everyone will consider it deeply before consuming as you can not ensure the origin and legality of the meat. Moreover, we are in a terrible pandemic, COVID-19, which number one suspect is the bat. Hence people should stop consuming these animals, not only to protect themselves but also to protect the wildlife. Every small act, every small voice would help save nature. Duyen also hopes that the government will have more strict measures to handle this state.”

On the other hand, Khanh Van – Miss Vietnam Universe Pageant 2019, said: “The number 110,7 snares/km² and quantity of killed wild animals every year scared me off. This is the emergency alarm and a very pitiful thing. I watched many wildlife shows and not only once felt the pain in the eyes of trapped mink, deer, or bird. Those eyes obsessed me for a long time. This problem comes from individual consciousness and understanding. I want all of you to be aware that consuming wild animals means abetting illegal wildlife poaching as well as supporting those who benefit themselves by using the precious and beautiful animals of Vietnam nature. Van hopes with every step you travel, the things left are your footprint, the wonderful memories about the epic and richness of Mother Nature, those things we want our next generation to see, not the death forest.”

As one of the young people interested in health and pursuing a vegan diet, blogger Su Tu An Chay ( Vegan Lion), shared: “I believe that if no one buy then no one sell. We have so many choices in eating, sleeping, entertaining, but not the animals. They have only one home and it is the forest, their only choice everyday is to die or live.”

“Dai believes the young these days are knowledgeable, smart, fast-updated and have a kind heart. For this issue to be known widely, Dai hopes everyone to use their own voice, be an influencer for your own and others, inspire to stop consuming wild animals, to love and take care of the precious nature”, model Quang Dai shared.

One of the travel bloggers passionate in practical experiences with nature and wildlife conservation – Vinh Gau, said: “Not only the wild animals consuming, we have to concern about wildlife conservation. As I know, the quantity of current elephant lives in Đak Lak are 45 to 50, this is a huge decrease in number. The very few female elephants left are at an age almost unable to reproduce. If we don’t have any plan to conserve the elephants now, people won’t mention Đak Lak as elephants’ home and the song Chu voi con o Ban Don (Baby elephant in Ban Don village) is just the past”.

“This campaign is a part of a global effort to put an end to wild animals consuming, close all wild animals purchasing markets in order to prevent the next pandemic in future. Some international celebrities such as Leonardo Dicaprio, have strongly raised their voices to support this campaign. I appreciate all the artists, celebrities for being a part of us” Ms Hoang Thi Minh Hong, CHANGE director, said. “COVID=19 has shown us that protecting wild animals is not just an environmental problem, but also community healthcare and economic problem. I sincerely hope that through this creative campaign and along with everyone’s voice, we can eliminate the uncivilized eating wild animal habitat, help the Vietnam government save the priceless nature resources, and strengthen our reputation with other countries.”

This activity is a part of the “Host” campaign, thankfully for the support of Pangolin Crisis Fund, Dragon Capital, GalaxyME and the companion of Strategy partner Chicilon Media, Vietnam Television, close Communication partners Target Media, Movad, WE Media.

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