The Spanish government will issue a royal decree banning the sale of fruit and vegetables in plastic packaging at retail businesses and supermarkets in the territory by 2023, aiming to reduce pollution. garbage and environmental protection.

A supermarket in Madrid, Spain. (Photo:

According to Spanish press sources, the new decree developed by the Ministry of Ecological 

Transformation and Demographic Challenges (Miteco) will set standards for the small business sector, in response to the warning about plastic pollution “beyond all limits” in this Western European country.

Accordingly, the Spanish Government will issue a ban on plastic packaging for fruit and vegetable shipments weighing less than 1.5 kg, thereby promoting large purchases and the use of unpackaged water. bottle.

According to information from Miteco, food “at risk of deterioration when sold in large quantities” will be outside the provisions of the ordinance. The Spanish Agency for Food Safety and Nutrition said that it will soon publish a list of products subject to a ban on the use of plastic packaging.

In addition to the business regulations, the ordinance also places an obligation on the government to “promote the installation of drinking water systems in public spaces,” “implement alternatives to selling beverages.” packaging” and “distribution of disposable cups” in public events from 2023.

The government expects these regulations will help Spain reduce 50% of sales of products packaged in plastic packaging by 2030, towards the goal of 100% of packaging on the market capable of being sold. recyclable and safe for the environment.

Source: Nhan Dan

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