In order to manage the protection of biodiversity in natural forests, as well as to assist in the termination of exploitation, trading and use of unauthorized wildlife in the city, the City People Committee have just written to departments, divisions and social and local political organizations to strengthen the management and protection of wildlife in the area.

In particular, the City People Commnittee requested that the chairman of the districts, wards and towns, as well as the heads of professional agencies in the city who steer officials, servants, officials and employees strictly responsible for regulatory legislation, that the protection of the wilderness, especially for endangered species which are precious and rare, are a priority for protection; Do not hunt, trap, catch, transport, buy, sell, lock, use, store, advertise, donate, give or receive gifts of products derived from wildlife in contravention of legal provisions; Strengthening the propaganda, disseminating the provisions of the laws of management, protecting wildlife to the residential community, organs and units, schools; Regular inspection, containment, timely detection and strict handling of organizations and individuals with violations.

The Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development directs the Forest Protection Department to coordinate with the authorities to strengthen the control of import operations, transportation, captivity, processing, advertising and business use of wildlife. Resolute processes are needed to confiscate these species upon detection of product on any premises which should then be transferred to a rescue center to recover and in order to be re- introduced back into its natural environment. In particular it is encouraged that they do not conduct any sale of wild animals, products or anything that leads from any derivatives from wildlife in any way.

The department should examine all breeding camps, foster wildlife growth in the land, improve statistics quantity, obtain wildlife origins at all breeding camps and deal with any breach resulting from wild animals with no ascertainable origin. Understanding the source is intended to prevent the abuse of, exploitation, transport and business of wildlife regulated by law.

The police in the city directs subdivisions and public safety units to support and coordinate closely with the Forest Protection Department to strengthen inspection, control at eateries, restaurants, markets, business locations , residential, households, purchase of, sale of, captivity of and use of wild animals to block and handle meeting schools that violate regulations governing and protecting wildlife; Be determined to properly implement the provisions of the law in the investigation process, dealing with violations.

Ministry of Planning and Investment, the City People Committee and Members of the People’s Committee are reviewing the licensing of wildlife businesses for individuals, households, and other personal factors; Resolute recovers business licenses which are held as a resut of wildlife trading and wildlife product trading cases,where products have been derived from wild animals with no legitimate origins; Do not license wildlife businesses for organisations if you have not ensured the conditions of the animals origin, captive situation, sanitation and other related conditions as prescribed by law.

Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism directs the business unit of tourist services in the area of the city to not visit the sights of wildlife exploitation, especially premises that offer the purchase, sale and custody of unauthorized wildlife. These services should not enter into into forest sanctuaries to observe, collect specimens of endangered, precious, rare species. This practice is rarely controlled by conservation agencies shich should examine the conditions for safety of people and wildlife; Non-licensing organizations for organised wildlife performances in the country except for domestic and foreign circus delegations allowed to operate under the authority of the authorities.

In addition, the proposed media units distributed propaganda to many people on the party’s advocates, the state’s legal policy on protection and development of wildlife; Strengthening of propaganda, dissemination of Vietnamese law and international conventions that Vietnam is a member of the management, protection and protection of wildlife on the mass media; Timely reflection of active activities, photographs of protection, wildlife conservation of individual organizations and individuals to multiply; Actively detect and condemn strong behaviors, employment contrary to Vietnamese law and international conventions that Vietnam is a member.

Hien Trang.


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