The Earth Overshoot Day operations have been launched in many countries around the world for many years, but this year is the first time that CHANGE officially launched the campaign and called upon the community in Vietnam to participate in.

The last day of July 2021 is the time when the whole country is completely fighting against the COVID – 19 pandemic. But, to those who love the environment, there is still another battle at stake: this battle is to fight against climate change, to protect our hone – The Earth. Fighting against the COVID-19 pandemic is extremely essential now; however; when the environment is destroyed, our health and economy will be seriously affected first. Therefore, CHANGE’s team decided to bring this campaign – The Earth Overshoot Day to a large number of Vietnamese people, with the hope that everyone should “fight pandemic like fight the enemy”, but do not let anyone leave behind either.

 “ The Earth is brutally worn out and overloaded, we must do something now”

CHANGE always begins with many activities and projects for such simple reasons. To those who are big fans of the environment, protecting the environment cannot be procrastinated. Many people might think that the global lockdowns during the COVID-19 pandemic may have been eased the burden on the environment. This was quite temporarily exact in 2020 when the Earth Overshoot Day had arrived later than 2019 by more than 3 weeks, occurring on 22/8. But then, when many countries were gradually restoring the economic activities, the CO2 levels had been raised fiercely to the highest levels in the past 23 million years, combined with the degradation of forests ecosystems that have made the Earth Overshoot Day was delayed until 29/7. So, the Earth has already overloaded again, we must act now.

Our team at CHANGE always has a desire: “If there was no pandemic, CHANGE would make the Earth Overshoot Day as massive as possible, not just at the level of social media.” When the city has been going through long social distancing, project operations are also affected. Many ideas and plans were being interrupted, we do not know exactly when we can continue to implement them. Although I hope to be able to do more activities, a campaign that is deployed entirely on social networks is one of the best solutions at this time.

The idea of “The Flatting Earth” 

One of the first difficulties that the people who are in charge of this campaign – The Earth Overshoot Day encountered, 

was the Vietnameseization of the name “ The Earth Overshoot Day”, which is truly difficult. If we translated the name “The Earth Overshoot Day”, it would be called “ The Earth Day is crossing the threshold”. But the phrase “crossing the threshold” seems difficult to imagine and not friendly. Therefore, our team decided to change a little bit. The Earth Overshoot Day is defined as a day of the year that human has brutally exhausted all resources and ecological services, after this day, we will use the resource of future, the resource that the Earth has to “ work at full capacity” to supply for human. As we have to work overloading, the Earth is also being “ overloaded” due to the need of exploiting and using excessive resources of humans. So the name “ The Earth Overshoot Day” is created.

After getting the name, the next job is how to convey the message of this event most clearly and understandably. “People are overworked” is well – understood, but explaining “The Earth is overloaded” seems a hard challenge. Is there any way to both explain this idea and make a strong impression on people so they can start taking these simple actions in their daily life to reduce pressure on the environment?

With this campaign “The Earth Overshoot Day”, CHANGE cooperated with Dentsu Redder, a “popular” creative company behind the success of many advertising campaigns of brands such as “Going back home”. or “Going to return”,… With the strong support of “creative wizards” from Dentsu Redder, the image of “The Collapsed Earth” is gradually formed. Instead of the full-screen spherical Earth we often see, the image of the Earth, which is “flattening” because of being drained of resources, is extremely an impressive image, and has a strong influence on viewers. “The Earth is out of breath, delaying the overloaded day” can touch many people’s emotions with this unique and inspiring image.

Run with time

Besides, there were a lot of difficult challenges when we were setting up our ideas, CHANGE also was under high pressure about time. By the time this campaign was started between CHANGE and Dentsu Redder, everyone had to prepare everything in only one month. During a very urgent time, there are many things to prepare for the campaign quickly, so the campaign can be released to the public as soon as possible.

The days of July are the hardest time when Ho Chi Minh City and the entire country are competing against the epidemic. Distance management from the Government has been announced progressively, with increasingly tighter levels. Everyone must change to work remotely while they are still ensuring the whole work’s results and progress. This is another difficulty, besides the time requirement. Working from home need to be flexible, but sometimes distance makes the communication and connection between groups more inconvenient.

The website is one of the main media products of this campaign, it was created with the desire to bring more information about “ The Earth Overshoot Day” to the public. To be “on scheduled”, CHANGE quickly came up with ideas, built, and completed this website in just 10 days before the campaign started. Although the completion time was quite short, the quality of the product was excellent. When all CHANGE team members look at the website after completing, we can “breathe a sigh of relief” because we are extremely satisfied with this huge achievement.


In this ” The Earth Day Overshoot Day” campaign, many artists, celebrities, travel bloggers, YouTubers, and TikTokers have accompanied CHANGE to broaden the campaign wider. In the context of a stressful epidemic, artists and celebrities are all busy participating in charity activities, supporting the fight against the epidemic, fortunately, CHANGE still has the opportunity to cooperate with them. I hope not only do we both fight for the epidemic but also do not leave the environment behind.

The first idea was that CHANGE would give all KOLs, who agreed to participate in “The Overshoot Earth Day” campaign a “flat” ball just like in the poster image, but the production time coincided with the time when the city continued to tighten the distance orders due to the serious development of COVID-19 pandemic, and these balls were not able to reach the KOLs on time.

The difficult thing is…creation, the CHANGE team has used their “skillful hands” ability to create artistic and cute paper-folded Earth that carries a message of protection, stronger environment: with our creative power, we can create anything from available materials.

KOLs participating in “ The Earth Overshoot Day”

The “ sweet fruits”

In just only one month, the “the Earth Overshoot Day” campaign has received remarkable results. Since July 29, 2021, the message about “ The Earth Overshoot Day” has reached 9.3 million people, attracting more than 558,000 interactions on social networking sites. In particular, more than 1,120 friends, who love the environment, have registered to commit to practicing green living habits during the epidemic season, bringing good impacts to the community in 30 days through the website

Kết quả

A lot of kWh of electricity has been saved, tens of thousands of kilograms of CO2e have been offloaded, and hundreds of clothing products and utensils have been recycled and donated,…and so many other wonderful things that you guys did, especially The Earth lovers have traveled with CHANGE from this “ The Earth Overshoot Day” campaign.

CHANGE understands that in Vietnam today, the priority of fighting the epidemic is the most important. But CHANGE also believes that we cannot ignore environmental problems because it is simply the oxygen we breathe every day, the water we drink, the food, the medicine, the energy we get, the number of resources we are using everyday day. Even though this is a stressful time, everyone focuses on fighting the epidemic, the young people in CHANGE are still strong determining to do this “ The Earth Overshoot Day” campaign.

Sharing a little information about CHANGE’s journey to bring Earth Day to the masses in Vietnam, we hope we can show you a small corner behind the work that we – CHANGErs, are doing day by day, implementing with the desire to build a greener Earth. Although the journey of doing projects and activities is always challenging, at CHANGE, we always give 200% of our heart and energy, because we believe in what we’re doing now can change and help our environment become better.

In the future, CHANGE will surely continue to carry out other interesting projects on the environment, climate, and wildlife. Follow and accompany CHANGE on the next steps to protect the Earth.

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