As part of the “Rise for Climate” activity series, members of the Climate Change Leadership Camp 2018 gathered for a series of workshops and events aimed at introducing new ideas about campaigning on climate change to younger communities. With a focus on creative ideas and youthful enthusiasm, staff and students alike came out of the of the workshops and events reporting unforgettable experiences and having gained valuable skills and strategies for raising awareness on the  climate change issue, as the following reports will testify:

“Climate Tornado” Workshop – 25/08/2018 – Kafe Home Store, Can Tho
40 nature loving youngsters gathered at kafe home store (Can Tho) to discuss the noticeable effects of climate change. With most of participants being students who perhaps have become bored from the standard lesson format at school, we set out to create a novel experience for those who attended the workshop by creating a cozy, family atmosphere where ideas could be discussed freely. For this, all of the staff carefully designed programs, and participants would draw their own “Non La” – popular traditional Vietnamese product at the end of the program. This is was a meaningful way for them to deliver the message “ Bắt tay năng lượng sạch, giữ gìn hành tinh xanh “. “Joining into this workshop brings me a lot of useful knowledge about the environment and also opportunity to participate in interesting activities and thank for giving me a bamboo straw. I feel so happy and would protect our environment”.  One of the participants reported. This is our pleasure to hear that.

BUD TED Talk – 26/8/2018 – Banking University, HCMC
Going back from VCLC 2018, my bag contained just promising plans. Firstly, I held BUD TED TALK to add to the RISE campaign by teaching the basics of climate change and renewable energy to enthusiastic economics students, just as VCLC and CHANGE did for me. Moreover, we also shared job opportunities in NGOs where enthusiastic people and people being born to do great things are working. The greenhouse effect, global warming, renewable energy, fossil fuels, coal-fired power plants and so on used to be unfamiliar to economics students like us, but I never forgot about the images about the effects of climate change on our home country – particularly in the Mekong Delta and Central Coastal Provinces. I hope that there are more seminars at our Banking University to discuss practical environmental problems. Thanks to CHANGE and VCLC, Huynh Ngoc Hong Van Workshop

“Climate Tornado” Workshop – 27/8/2018 – An Giang
Where has the An Giang climate tornado carried us? After coming back from VCLC 2018, we had planned some activities in response to the campaign “Rise for Climate,” with “Climate Tornado” being the first activity of this series. At first we were uncertain, how do we call for participation? How do we raise awareness about climate change? How can this activity spread, and so anyone, regardless age, occupation can participate? In the end, we agreed to hold “Climate Tornado” at An Giang with two main activities – Workshop and Flash Mob. It was easier said than done –  at the time of execution, there had been several unexpected problems. From how to make our activities attractive, choosing the suitable time and place for the Workshop and Flash Mob, to preparing materials and little Non La for participants. For me, during that time, with the pressure of coming deadlines, the thoughts “I cannot finish it on time” and “Will the climate tornado be a success?” assailed me whenever I tried to sleep. Yet despite my fears, it was the most memorable time.
Together with other members of the Organizing Committee, I stayed up planning until 1-2 am thinking about ideas. The enthusiasm and effort of everyone made me feel so happy.
 On the day of the workshop at An Giang University, we met more than 50 students. We were so happy that everyone was actively exchanging information with each other. Especially. when receiving the following feedback from a participant: “This workshop has completely changed what I previously thought about climate change, and also given me the motivation to change my consumption habits.” That was when I knew that all the nights we spent preparing this was worthwhile. At the time, we were preparing for the Flash Mob activity at An Giang University, with plenty still to do but none of us felt tired, as seeing the fruition of our efforts was extremely invigorating. As we see our actions starting to impact those around us, helping them to realise how climate change is affecting us, and how together, with thought and action, we can save the Earth.

Tạ Thị Ánh Tuyết – AGU

Puzzling RISE
 Creative space for those who RISE for climate.
The RISE puzzle is born with the message that no matter who you are, where you are, what you do and what you love, you can stand up for the climate. The movement has attracted more than 200 participants across Vietnam. With the constant innovation, many RISE words came in with a variety of materials and individualized colours. We are not afraid of acting, we just need a reason – it is to protect our lives.

 Khánh Ly

Workshop “Climate Tornado” – 30/8/2018 – KTX ĐHQG TP HCM
On August 30th, 2018, after the events in Can Tho and An Giang, the Climate Tornado workshop series landed at the campus B of the National University,  Ho Chi Minh City campus. In the warm atmosphere of VJSC Cafe, 48 young people participated in interesting activities on climate change and sustainable energy. Not knowing each other at first, with little knowledge about the environment, they came together in their common concern about the dangers of climate change.
With the audience suitably energized with a funny dance ice breaker activity, the first talk about climate change was from Mr. Le Van Tien Phat – CHANGE’s project executive. Wide-eye open in front of images of  sea level rise around the world, the issue was brought home by evidence of the fact that the same thing is happening in the Mekong Delta – Vietnam’s granary – where a great deal of vietnam’s most arable land will be lost if we do nothing about climate change. From there, going from surprise to surprise, participants began to realise that far from being an abstract issue for foreign lands, climate change is the vital concern of their motherland.

Capturing the potentially dark future of our environment, the participants were shown how renewable energy is a key strategy to prevent and mitigate the effects of climate change. With this new information brought to their awareness like fresh air blows into the atmosphere; participants had many questions on the energy from wind, solar, wave and biogas.
 Interspersed with the presentation from the speakers were group interactive activities intended to deepen and personalise the understanding of participants. In groups they identified and analysed the causes and consequences of climate change, from there working out sustainable energy solutions in combination with unique clean energy ideas. Through creative activities such as “Paint the Hat on the Subject” the participants were able to not only increase their knowledge on the topic of climate change, but also to gain a greater appreciation for the human and environmental impact, bringing all of us together.
In the final section of the workshop, Chi Cuong gave an introduction about the Global Movement and their Vietnam projects, as well as the forthcoming Climate Action Day (part of RISE for Climate campaign take place on 8/9/2018), which many participants indicated they were now interested and empowered enough to join. To end the workshop, a group photo, ensuring that while all parties must come to an end, the happiness and joy of connection bought through common concern for our environment still remains. 95 square meters, 48 ​​people, 4 members of the organization committee, all were connected just by a single concern: climate change.

Tấn Phát


Campaign “Changing Climate CHANGE avatar frame” 

Initially, the idea of ​​creating a Facebook avatar frame was just a small activity to cheer up the spirit for campers at VCLC 2018. However, thanks to the support and response, the activity has become a large-scale campaign and attracted more than 200 participants, national and international. With the aim of increasing people’s awareness and interest in climate change and sustainable energy development as well as leveraging to promote communication for other campaigns of RISE FOR CLIMATE, the activity of creating an avatar frame about sustainable energy development and climate change on Facebook helped to spread the message and received more than 1000 engagements. This activity not only attracts people who are active and interested in environmental issues, but also people who have never been interested in participating enthusiastically. It was a great success for us – the people who organise the campaign. Who we are is not important, it is important that we act together for a better future!

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