The waste – Effect of livestock industry

According to research, livestock is the most sewage industry, which emit the most greenhouse gases, the most polluted and less effective one. Energy to produce 1kg meat can give a 100kw fire light bulb for 3 weeks. Production of 1kg meat will emit 36, 4kg of CO2 by exhaust gas by 1… the car runs 155km. To produce 1kg the meat needs to consume 10kg of food and… 15000 liters of water; For 1 liter of milk it should consume 990 liters of water. 38% of food in the world is not for the feeding people that feed cattle. Every day there 25,000 people die of starvation, and this situation will be much more if the disaster occurs continuously.

Then we have to divide 38% of our food for cattle. 30% of the land is for cattle, 33% of the land used for animal food production. People must divide their food, water resources, land for cattle while nearly 1 billion people in the world live in poverty, insufficient water. For more breeding area, humans burn forests, open more farms. 18% of the greenhouse gas is caused by bushfires, 20% of the world's farm is degenerated, and cannot be cultivated. When the forest area is dwindled to a lot of other serious problems such as ecological destruction, floods, drought, many animals are extinct, erosion… The effect of fasting.

What are vegetarian benefits? As a normal person, how to reduce the car on the road, make the sewage from the factories not flowing into the Lake River, making the chimney do not smoke into the sky. Fasting in addition to protecting the health of the vegetarians themselves, it is also the best way that a person can do right now to protect the habitat. Every 1kg of meat does not eat, we have to save 36, 4kg of CO2, helping the Earth not be heated up. The breeding industry is much more so because of the human flesh, if there is no bridge, the supply also disappears, we will not have to waste 38% of the food to feed livestock. Land in the world has enough to feed all people around the world without the breeding industry. be vegan because of your health, your family, your child's future, your life, for the ecosystem, for the water source you are taking, for the atmosphere you are breathing, for our beloved Earth mother.

What are the problems with fasting in Vietnam?

A lot of people misunderstood that fasting is lack of substance, is not enough energy work. This is a mistake. Science proves that plant nutrition does not only lose meat on energy, nutrition but also a lot better for health. Because many vegetarians in VN eat improperly, only eating some kind of food for long periods of lack of substance. From there that health is not good. If we know the combination of a reasonable variety of vegetables and adequate eating, it is a lot better than meat. Most of our people eat meat. Out of the road, lots of places to sell food. But the number of vegetarian stores is very little. The source of raw materials for fasting and food is not abundant and as much as fish meat. Whatever it says, the taste of the fish is still better. In addition, to make delicious vegetarian dishes like savoury, we must spend more effort.

Everybody thinks it's kind of you to do, you know, you don't have to do it. A lot of people know to sleep on time, exercising every day are very good for health, but they don't do. Even things that are good for themselves themselves that they left not to do. How do people have to abandon their dining preferences for health and the environment.

Our society is very fortunate to be very peaceful, the disaster is not too serious as other countries so people are still very not interested in this issue. Everyone thinks that the ice is in the Arctic, changing the climate is still very long. It is therefore advisable whether fasting is good for health, good for the environment but they still do not. A lot of people think that fasting is not tasty by eating a lot of people think that fasting is not tasty by eating meat but they have changed the way of thinking after enjoying the vegetarian being processed properly. A lot of people think that fasting is not tasty by eating meat but they have changed the way of thinking after enjoying the right vegetarian dishes

How to make a change?

We need the power of many. The new propaganda can often affect everyone's perception. This needs a very long time, but the earth can't wait long. We need to take action and make a mirror, and you can have a power to spread to many people. We want to live, we want to be wealthy, we want to live peacefully at old age. But if the sea rises no longer inhabited, social violence is how the dream is made. Take action for our dreams! be vegetarian because of community health, due to Mother Nature's health.

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