In the past few days, news regarding Vinpearl Safari Phu Quoc of Vingroup has become a hot topic of discussion on various social network platforms. Why is this being discussed so much? Well, here are a few key points you should know about this case:

– Disturbing news broke out when Peter Dickinson – an international independent zoo consultant, critic and writer – wrote a blog post voicing his concerns over shady activities going on at the safari. He claimed that his contacts told him that over 1000 birds and almost 700 mammals died due to various causes such as diseases and underfeeding. Not only that, birds and monkeys were also said to have escaped from the premise. (Read more: here).

– Vingroup has since responded. A representative of Vingroup, Ms. Vu Thanh Thuy, in an email exchange with BBC denied the claims made by the blogger, however did confirm that over 100 birds and mammals died due to long travel and being unable to get used to the new habitat. The representative also admitted that 135 monkeys escaped from the safari. (Read more: here or here)

– Import of 100 rhinos? To date, not all 100 rhinos have arrived. There is an ongoing investigation regarding how these rhinos got to Vietnam and who the farmers are. (Read more: here).

– Furthermore, Mr. Vuong Tien Manh, Vice President of CITES, also confirmed that Vinpearl Safari Phu Quoc did not have a permit to import any rhino (Read more: here).

CHANGE has always concerned about animal welfare, thus we will follow this case closely and get you up-to-date with any further information. Stay tuned for more! It is now or never for us to take animal welfare and CITES implementation seriously in Vietnam.

Photo: Zing News

Video: here

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