Despite efforts in conservation and various countermeasures against poaching, the demand for wildlife products in some countries are contributing to the growth of illegal wildlife trade, exacerbating the global wildlife crisis. Vietnam is one of the world’s largest markets and transit points for wildlife products, especially rhino horns, pangolin scales and ivory. Illegal wildlife trade has taken the lives of millions of wild animals every year, threatened global biodiversity and affected the livelihoods of communities that are dependent on wildlife all around the world.

Vietnam is one of the top markets for pangolins.

Vietnam is the world’s largest consumer market for rhino horns.

Vietnam is one of the world’s largest illegal transit points for ivory.

Vietnam is one of the top countries in Asia to consume the most bushmeat.

Our outstanding projects

The “Be Their Bodhisattva” campaign

The campaign featured the imagery of 3 wild animals including a rhino with a cut-off horn, a mother and her baby pangolin with their scales being peeled and the elephant with his broken tusks, all bleeding from pain, portraying their current poaching situation in the wild.

The statues of these animals were displayed to be kneeling in front of Buddha statue, praying for an ease to their continuous suffering as illegal wildlife poaching has reached an alarming rate, therefore calling upon the public to reduce the demands for endangered wildlife trade and consumption.

The campaign is proud to be awarded with the Gold Awards in the Non-profit category at the Mobile Marketing Awards, Smarties 2019; Bronze Award in the PR and Outdoor category from ADSTARS 2019 in Busan, Korea; and the Most Outstanding Billboard in the Humanity & Society category, at OOH Award 2019, Vietnam.

Buy 1 Get 15

An unique exhibition with “Buy 1 Get 15” gift boxes to capture the consumers’ attention during Tet. The purpose of the campaign is to convey the revision laws of the Criminal Code (Penal Code) 2015 to the public, which stipulates that the trading, transporting or consuming of endangered wildlife products such as rhino horn, ivory, and pangolin,... can be punishable by up to 15 years in prison or 15 billion VND.

VIEWS Awards

2020 is the first year that the annual journalism VIEWS Awards (short for Vietnam Information on Environment - Wildlife - Sustainability Awards) was organized with the theme of “Paranomic view of the wildlife crisis”. The competition had attracted more than 200 from well-known and experienced journalists to passionate young individuals.

The entries ranged from documentaries investigating illegal wildlife trade rings to outlining the relationship of wildlife consumption and COVID-19 pandemic, stating that by protecting wildlife is protecting the public health and the global economy.

Our achievements

Supports of the community

Millions of people have received the message that calls for action to change and protect wildlife.

Pledge for wildlife

More than 230 business leaders have pledged to protect wildlife with CHANGE

Directive 29/CT-TTg

On the urgent solutions for wildlife management was issued by the Prime Minister on 23/07/2020

The never-ending battle...

Join hands to erase Vietnam from the world’s blacklist of illegal wildlife consumption and trafficking

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News and events


Study Confirms SARS-CoV-2 Related Coronaviruses in Trade-Confiscated Pangolins in Viet Nam

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EIA calls on CITES to tackle the Nigeria-Vietnam trafficking corridor for ivory and pangolin scales

The 74th meeting of the UN Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species (CITES) Standing Committee begins today (7 March) and EIA has called on it to tackle the Nigeria-Vietnam wildlife trafficking corridor. The new briefing Joint Responsibilities spells out how both countries have joint and major roles in the trafficking of ivory…


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